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A key strategic area

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More than 10% of the company’s budget

The marketing budget represents up to 11.7% of a company’s total budget, as reflected in one of Deloitte’s latest studies. Marketing remains a crucial area. And the marketing manager is a key figure.



“Sales, Marketing, and Content”, a key cluster according to the World Economic Forum

In one of its latest reports, the World Economic Forum classifies the 96 occupations of the future into 7 key clusters. “Sales, Marketing, and Content” is one of them, essential in the construction of the new economy.



Roles in digital marketing redefine the future

With the emergence of new technologies come new digital challenges for marketing. And as a recent Linkedin study points out, digital profiles will be crucial. They will redefine the future of business.

Why study Marketing at eserp?

Keynote Professors

Learn from those who have the experience. eserp's speakers have a solid track record that positions them as leading professionals in the field of marketing.

Liquid Learning

An immersive training experience. Explore real business cases through the use of technologies and simulations, combining online and offline environments. Flexible training to develop your e-skills.

Soft Skills

Leadership, time management, analytical thinking. We incorporate some of the soft skills that the World Economic Forum considers essential in our programmes under the Skill stacking methodology.

Professional Development

Build a valuable network of contacts. An opportunity to get in touch with professionals who come from other sectors, but who are linked to the marketing area.

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We invite you to explore our MBA programme. A 360-degree education that will help you develop comprehensive leadership and business management skills, learning from our expert speakers. A solid foundation of knowledge such as financial management, operations management or digital marketing, with personal skills focused on leadership capacity or the mindset for growth.