Master in Marketing & Commercial Management in Mallorca

+ Digital Business Diploma by <ISDI – DIGITALENT Group>

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Why study the Master in Marketing & Commercial Management in Mallorca?


From the most traditional tools to the platforms that have changed the way we connect with brands: this wide range of topics are included in the Master’s Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management. A training in which the classic formulas and principles of this discipline are perfectly complemented by the most innovative technologies and tools.

We will focus on subjects ranging from the supply chain, pricing or market segmentation to current marketing strategies that include many formats and platforms.

The classic rules are combined with the most innovative trends in a master’s degree that will allow you to build a global vision, to be able to approach any project from both an analytical and creative perspective. Do you dare to study a Master in Marketing and Commercial Management and discover the most disruptive campaigns and strategies that you will be able to create?.

Find out about all aspects of the Marketing & Commercial Management program in Mallorca

Download the the brochure and find all the information you need about the Master in Marketing & Commercial Management in Mallorca, including the student profile, program structure and content.





ESERP is part of the DIGITALENT educational group, to which the leading digital business school <ISDI – DIGITALENT Group> also belongs.  Both schools join forces to offer our students the combination of a Master’s Degree + Diploma in Digital Business.

Methodology of the master’s in Marketing in Mallorca


Eserp offers a wide variety of applied methodologies that allow students to acquire practical and strategic skills to develop in current and changing professional environments. Among the methodologies applied are Case Study, Project Management Office (PMO), Skills Stacking, Flipped Class, Problem based Learning, Making Presentations, Agile Methodologies, Business Model Canvas, Simulation Methodology and Role playing.





Our professors of this Master in Marketing & Commercial Management are composed of entrepreneurs, executives and managers with extensive professional experience, as well as academic experts. Many of the ESERP professors hold executive positions and positions of responsibility in both start-ups and multinational corporations. They bring to the table their experience, perspectives and capabilities that are the result of their extensive experience in the business environment, which they apply to their lectures, thus helping to create an enriching and professional programme.

Career Development Service studying for a master’s degree in marketing & Commercial Management


Eserp Career Development Service

¿What are your goals? We help you identify them and accompany you on the path that leads to them. We do this through personalised advice, coaching and mentoring sessions, with the aim of designing your career plan, reorienting it or even starting to build your personal brand. We want you to get to where you want to be.


Eserp Career Development Service

We connect Eserp talent with the professional world. How do we do it? We have designed a specific digital tool that adapts to the new challenges of the labour market: the Eserp Job Portal employment platform. Through it, you will have access to specially selected job opportunities, which also include international internship experiences.


Eserp Career Development Service

In addition, we have created a space where you can connect and create opportunities: this is what happens at Eserp Events. Company presentations and workshops that translate into a meeting point where companies and students can get to know each other, ideal for networking.



Where our Alumni are working with the master’s degree in marketing in mallorca



Degrees/Certificados to be Obtained with the master’s in Marketing & Commercial Management


Master in Marketing & Commercial Management

Degree issued by ESERP 


Private Master’s Degree in Marketing-Commercial Management and Communication Strategy

Master’s Degree issued by the UVIC-UCC


ISDi Digitalent

Diploma in Digital Business*

Issued by ISDI


International Certificate*

Issued by the University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden (Germany)


International Certificate*

Issued by the European Communication School (France-Belgium)


*Students who study and successfully complete the ESERP’s study plan, attend the international conferences and do a project on said conferences will obtain the International Certificates.

Admissions Process to study the master’s degree in Marketing & Commercial Management in Mallorca


Admissions Tests


Registration / Enrolment

Payment Methods

Price: €9,750

First payment

The rest will be paid in 10 monthly instalments, financed directly by eserp, without interest from October to July of €795

5% discount for early payment


* Fees for the issuing diplomas are not included.
* In the event the student pays for the entire programme at a price that is different from that indicated on the website (due to the application of scholarships or grants), the discount for early payment will be 5% of the final price to be paid.
* The 5% discount for early payment will also be applied to those students who, after paying the enrolment fee, decide to pay for the rest of the programme before it starts. In this case, the discount will applied to the remaining amount that is pending payment.
* Master’s Degree included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.



Structure of the master’s program in Marketing & Commercial Management in Mallorca

60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Welcome Week

Welcome Week sessions are a great place to begin your #ESERP journey. They are created to grasp the significance of pursuing a master’s degree and learn about all the resources available to complete the program effectively.

Core Modules

Fundamentals of Marketing

Understand Marketing as a process that must be well planned out and approached strategically to be successful.
Learn the foundations of marketing, its function, and how to create an effective marketing plan


  • The Market and its Environment: VUCA-BANI-RUPT-TUNA.
  • The Dimension of Marketing

  • Description of B2B and key features.
  • Description of B2C and key features.
  • Description of H2H and key features.

  • Research and Information Systems in Marketing
  • Marketing research and neuromarketing
  • Business Information Systems & AI.

  • What’s a brand? Personal Brand vs Corporative Brand.
  • Crysis communication.
  • Reputational plan.

  • New legal enviroment.
  • GDPR regulation.
  • Consummer protection rules.


Marketing Ecosystem – Consumer Market

Comprehend consumers, create insights to deliver value, and achieve efficient marketplace outcome.


  • STP Model.
  • User’s Archetips
  • Buyer persona.

  • From story telling to story doing, to social selling.
  • Key Account management & Trade Marketing.
  • Negotiation tools for a succesfull agreements.

  • Distribution commercial policy.
  • Physical Distribution.
  • New business models.

  • Sales Forescat Basics.
  • Price policy. Between margin & market.
  • Financial policy: P&L.


Digital Strategies & Network

Harness the power of Digital to build business strategies


  • Liquid market concept.
  • E-commerce platform.
  • Digital Marketing campaings & kpis.

  • Social Media structure.
  • Social Media strategy.
  • Influencerns and new roles.

  • Domains of digital transformation.
  • The strategic planning for digital transformation.
  • Digital transformation of business models and digital business leadership.
  • Digitization. Areas of application.


PMO – Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO), from minute zero of the program, provides training, assistance and tools for the achievement of complex strategic, tactical or operational projects. This methodology, based on business standards, has been customized by professionals and experienced project mentors for the Master and MBA programs.

The Project Management Office (PMO) is the department that defines, maintains and improves the process standards related to project management. This personalized methodology and mentoring by professional experts provides:

  • Effective teamwork focused on specific objectives and milestones.
  • Strategic capacity.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Analysis, management methods and implementation.


Skills Stacking

Learning a diverse variety of skills that you can combine into a valued skill set will help you get an edge and stand out and, thrive in professional settings. Through the methodologies applied, skill stacking will keep you engaged and motivated.

  • Professional Skills
  • Self-Management & Growth
  • Business Acumen

  • Active Learning/Learning Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Design Skills


  • Working Smarter.
  • Understanding Financial freedom.

  • Start up footprint.
  • Customer Relationship Management.

  • Strategic Marketing.
  • Web Development Starter Kit.
  • Basics of Advertising Creativity.
  • Design Skills: Photoshop.


Diploma in Digital Business by 

The programme is built on an eminently practical methodology in which the student is the protagonist of his or her own progress. The contents of the sessions are designed and taught by active professionals in the digital world, who transmit to the participants the essential theoretical pillars always accompanied by their practical application in the workplace, trends, good practices and success stories.


Ecosistema y Organización

  • Keys to Digital Transformation.
  • New ways of working : Agile.
  • Leadership in the digital age.
  • Entrepreneurship and Startups.

Technology and DATA

  • Data Analytics.
  • Tech for Business.
  • Programming: No Code.
  • Blockchain & AI.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Social Networks: Digital Identity and Reputation.
  • Search engines.
  • Ecommerce.


Sessions to acquire strategic concepts accompanied by national and international experts from the world’s leading companies.


Sesiones hands on para poner en práctica los conocimientos adquiridos, no solo con las herramientas y plataformas más demandadas en cada vertical, sino también nuevas metodologías de trabajo como Agile, Identidad Personal, Design Thinking o Business Model Canvas, aplicándolos a un contexto real.


Hands-on sessions to put into practice the knowledge acquired, not only with the tools and platforms most in demand in each vertical, but also with new work methodologies such as Agile, Personal Identity, Design Thinking or Business Model Canvas, applying them to a real context.

Toni Raurich-Marcet

Travel and Technology professor and PhD candidate, Non-executive director. Ex booking, wallapop, Intercom and CaixaBank


Carlota Gatius

Carlota Gatius

Co-Founder en 202 Digital Reputation



Marcelo Royán

CTO and digital product manager + co-founder @ ISDI


Victor Ronco

Business & Marketing Consultant / Speaker and author / ex Volkswagen, Danone, Red Bull y Santander / Innovation, Digital, Blockchain & Crypto

Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Palmer

Business Development & Product Manager @ CaixaBank DayOne



Executive Training

Multidisciplinary activities based on agile methodologies that bet on the integration of motivated and prepared teams. Through these trainings, skills, and competences oriented to project management, task entry, prioritization, iterative and incremental development, change adoption, etc. are learned to ensure good results. The ultimate goal is to ensure transparency, inspection, adaptation, and commitment in complex projects.


  • Intelligent Applications on Business Processes.
  • Learning by Playing.
  • Lean Startup.
  • Professional Tools.


(*) Curriculum content, its programming and materials may be modified slightly due to changes in the planning of the Master’s program.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Master’s Degree.




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