Who we are

In September 2021, Magnum Partners, the leading private equity fund in Spain and Portugal, and the founders of ESERP, joined forces to develop an educational project together with other leading institutions such as ISDE, ISDI, GMQTECH, as well as the startup accelerator IMPACT.

Together we formed DIGITALENT: a global group focused on excellence in education for the digital era to accelerate employability, entrepreneurship and business transformation.



digitalent group




Dr Jose Luis Barquero

The Founder: Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés 

The vision of Professor Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés (1939-2014) set a new course in higher education in Spain. With the creation of Eserp in the 1980s, José Luis turned into reality the dream of many students: the possibility of bilingual university studies, with the option of studying abroad and accessing new opportunities at an international level. A pioneering bilingual project, which today is a great educational reference as a business school, with branches in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Why did it achieve such a great milestone? 

Thanks to the inspiration of great references such as Dr. Edward Louis Bernays Freud and Dr. Sam Black, Professor Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés achieved a great milestone. Beyond the creation of a bilingual university education that did not exist in Spain until then, Barquero managed to raise awareness among young university students of the importance of obtaining an international vision of business. A vision that continues to be the essence of the Eserp Business & Law School educational project, and which we continue to transmit to our students today. Just as its founder, Professor Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés, did in his day.





Going back to the beginnings of eserp is a journey that, paradoxically, brings us back to the present day. Because the driving force behind this educational project today is still the same as it was 37 years ago: firmly believing in an educational project and making it a reality.




History of eserp


From utopia to reality
When bilingual education was still a utopia, the great vision of the future projected by its founder, Dr. Professor José Luís Barquero Garcés, was no longer a dream: in 1985 eserp Barcelona was founded. It did so with the help of the prestigious professors Dr. Edward Louis Bernays Freud, one of the fifty most influential personalities of the last century, and Dr. Sam Black, one of the founding fathers of public relations (PR) at the international level.

A pioneering educational project
It was not a common educational proposal, but a courageous bet that from the beginning was based on uniting the areas of social sciences and business, promoting the creation of a new concept called Business School. Bilingual university education, a transversal practice, was already a reality.

The reception of the new educational project was so positive that eserp Barcelona was soon joined by two new locations: eserp Madrid and eserp Mallorca. A path that we would not take alone, but accompanied by the best traveling companions: our growth would make us an affiliated center of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the Universitat Central de Cataluña.

Eserp, today
An exciting journey that, throughout all these years, has led us to build a community of 41,000 alumni, including more than 10,000 students from all over the world. And we couldn’t feel more fortunate that these are the numbers that best define us today. Only in this way can we continue to build a dream that, after 37 years, is now a solid reality.





Our priority is to offer the best services and academic options to guarantee a complete and quality education. In line with our commitment to ensure this personal and professional growth in our students, we maintain and generate new academic agreements with the following centres of recognised prestige.


ESERP University Foundation

Authorised as a University Foundation by the Catalonian government – Department of Justice and the Interior.

University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia

Eserp Business & Law School is attached to the Universitat Central de Catalunya to teach different official degrees, the University Degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, the University Degree in International Business, the University Degree in Law, and the University Degree in Criminology.

URJC- Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Eserp Business & Law School is attached to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos to teach different official university degrees, the University Degree in Business Administration and Management, the University Degree in Marketing, the University Degree in Law, and the University Degree in Criminology.

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

British university with students from countries all over the world, one of the most diverse universities in the United Kingdom.

University of Applied Sciences-Schmalkalden, Germany

University that implements the most modern technologies in education. It offers studies in the areas of Business and Economics, Business Law, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Information Sciences, with which ESERP Business & Law School has an exchange agreement for professors and students. There is also a double degree agreement between the two institutions.

Moterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is a university with national and international presence and one of the most prestigious and recognised worldwide. It is an institution with which student exchanges are carried out.

European Communication School, France – Belgium

A French school with campuses in Paris, Toulouse, and Brussels that offers specialised studies in the areas of Communication, Journalism, Business and Public Relations and with which eserp Business & Law School has an exchange agreement for professors and students. There is also a double degree agreement between the two institutions.


European Council of Doctorate Degree Holders, Spain

Institution to which more than 200 doctors belong, 7 of whom are Nobel Prize winners. ESERP Business & Law School maintains a joint research and publication agreement.

Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico

It offers university degrees and postgraduate courses that are highly recognised throughout Latin America.