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Si usted viene a estudiar a ESERP desde el extranjero nuestro departamento internacional estará a su disposición. ESERP le dará tanto el apoyo como la información necesaria para su proceso de admisión y traslado a España.

International Department
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Before coming to Spain

Before coming to Spain, you must first plan how you will manage the legal documents needed for your stay (student visa and diploma legalisation), in addition to finding accommodation and confirming the available health coverage.

Student visa

Any person wishing to study in Spain must apply for a student visa, except for citizens and residents of member countries of the European Union.

Students admitted to an ESERP programme may need proof of admission to manage their visa or other administrative matters. Request this certificate from the Academic Secretary or International Office.


These students need a student visa. After registration, ESERP will provide you with an official letter of admission required to apply for the visa at the Spanish Embassy in your country of origin.

Consult information provided by the Spanish Government


These students do not need a visa.

Consult information provided by the Spanish Government

Legalise and translate your diploma

After you have enrolled in the programme, or prior to enrolling, it is mandatory to legalise your diploma through the Hague Convention or your country’s equivalent, and send it to your corresponding ESERP centre before beginning your studies.

If your diploma is not in Spanish, remember it must be translated by a certified official translator.

If you are a citizen of a country that has signed the Hague Convention, you must Apostille your diploma.

How do I complete this process?

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If you are a citizen of a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention, you must legalise your diploma through diplomatic or consular channels. This is the procedure that applies to legalise foreign public documents issued by States that have not signed the agreement.

Generally, each of the authorities involved must individually legalise the document.

How do I complete this process?

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If the studies have taken place within an EU education system or in other States with which international agreements have been signed, you must apply for the Access Credential that is managed by the UNED.

More information

Students coming from educational systems outside of the EU, from a State with which no agreements have been signed.

More information

Unless there is a legal instrument that would serve as an exemption from this obligation, any foreign public document must be legalised to be valid in Spain and any Spanish public document must be legalised to be valid abroad.

How do I legalise a diploma?

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Health insurance

All students must have public or private health insurance arranged with an insurer authorised to operate in Spain.

  • Students from the EU/EEA/Switzerland
    They must apply for the European Health Card in their country, and inform themselves about its coverage.
  • Students not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland
    Look into health care agreements between the country of origin and Spain. Purchase private health insurance or travel insurance if necessary.

ESERP provides students with private insurance through

You will find all the information, coverage and prices in the following links. To calculate the budget you must indicate the ESERP Centre.

OnCampus Estudia Insurance:

OnCampus Healthcare Insurance:


Before arriving in Spain, you must look for accommodation. Below ESERP
provides you with a few links that may help you to find it: – Discount code: MEGA-ESERP
Uniplaces – Discount code: ESERP16
Spotahome -Discount code: ESERP88898
Beroomers – 25% discount on the service fee with the code: B25ESERP
Barcelona Student Housing
Ágora Bcn Residencia Universitaria
Uniplaces – Discount code: ESERP16 
Spotahome -Discount code: ESERP88898
Barna Students Place – More information
Beroomers -25% discount on the service fee with the code: B25ESERP

Beroomers -25% discount on the service fee with the code: B25ESERP

Pureza de María (female)
Calle de la Pureza, 12. 07001 Palma. Tel.: 971 72 12 33.               Fax: 971 72 80 56. Places: 20.
Library, TV room. Classroom. Individual laundry. Single and double rooms with full board from Monday to Friday.

Agustinas Hermanas del Amparo (female)
Calle de Sant Gaietà, 7. 07012 Palma. Tel.: 971 72 42 27               Fax: 971 72 43 46. Places: 20.
Common bathrooms, individual laundry. Single and double rooms, with full board. There is a TV and video room. Library and computer room with internet.

Religioses Teatines (female)
Calle del Bisbe, 10. Palma. Tel.: 971 723 265.
30 single rooms and some with a private bathroom. Full board during the academic year. Limited hours. Washing machine service. TV room. There is an office, library and an internet room.
On Sundays and holidays there are no dining services.

Residencia S’Alfareria (coed)
Live in Mallorca dorms – Alberguealfarería [email protected] Calle de Joan Mascaró i Fornés, 80, el Secar de la Real. Palma.
Tel.: 626 245 669. Contact. Antonio

Residència d’estudiants Mayol (coed)
Calle Molí del Garrover, 5. 07010 Palma. Tel. 971 96 88 88

Uniplaces student accommodation
Tel. +34 911 237 208 – Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm GTM / Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm GTM – – Discount code: ESERP16

If you have questions about any of these matters, remember that you can contact us to receive help

write to us at [email protected]


When you arrive in Spain


These students must apply for a TIE. This is a seal on your visa that authorises you to stay in Spain for the duration of your studies.


Students from Europe must register with the Spanish authorities and apply for a NIE number. We will provide you with the necessary information about the procedure.

Want to work?

Access the ESERP Career Opportunities, which is exclusively for students and alumni. You will find new and interesting job offers and business internships for students. You can also apply for the position directly through the same platform itself.

check out our career opportunities

Learn Spanish!

If you are interested in doing a Spanish course adapted to your level, you can join our free Spanish classes for ESERP students (subject to demand). Request information at [email protected]

If you would like to improve your level of English or Spanish before starting your studies with ESERP, a 20-hour intensive course at one of the BCN Languages academies is a great option. Located in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, special conditions are available for ESERP students.

BCN Languages is a centre accredited by institutions such as Cambridge English, Eurocenters, CSN Lund Sweden and Instituto Cervantes, among others.

more information at

If you have questions about any of these matters, remember that you can contact us to receive help

write to us at [email protected]


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