Environmental Policy

Introduction to the Environmental Policy

At Eserp Business & Law School we assume our role within Environmental Responsibility, understood as the action of the school with the implementation of principles and values that contribute to the training of professionals and citizens with awareness, commitment and proactive participation in the solution of environmental problems, through the exercise of its training, research, extension and management functions.

We understand our Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca campuses to be socially and environmentally responsible, as we incorporate the environmental dimension into our institutional, educational and work projects in order to promote sustainable development. At the same time, we pursue the objective of training our students and young professionals as role models and promoters of environmentally responsible practices in their families, at work and in society in general.

The insertion of environmental issues in our school implies meeting social needs for the improvement of the quality of life, the rational use of natural resources and the conservation of the environment. This leads us to define specific programmes and actions at the level of energy saving, efficient use of water, specific recycling programmes and the efficient use of transport that contribute to the reduction of polluting gases and the greenhouse effect.

Programmes and actions


Collaborating companies