Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

This website is owned by the company ESERP, S.A., hereinafter referred to by its full name or as ESERP. Accessing this page implies that you understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website, Store, Security, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

In compliance with Article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and its amendments, the following identification data is presented:

1. ESERP’s General Information.

General Identification Information:

ESERP, is the owner of the domain names: www.eserp.com; (https://es.eserp.com/, https://en.eserp.com/, https://store.eserp.com/) and is the Data Controller of the data generated through said domain with the Personal Data provided by users through this website.


Escuela Superior de Ciencias Empresariales, Marketing y Relaciones Públicas SA,
Tax ID Number: A59117879
Address: Calle Girona 24, 08010, Barcelona, España
Tel: +34 932 449 410
Company Register: Registered in the Company Register of Barcelona, in Volume 22663, Folio 59, General Section, Sheet B 40-762, Entry 13ª.
Escuela Superior Empresarial de Comunicación y Negocios, SL
Tax ID Number: B80742513
Address: Calle Costa Rica 9, 28066, Madrid, España.
Tel: +34 913 501 212
Company Register: Registered in the Company Register of Madrid, Section 8, Sheet 117227, 1st Entry.
Escuela Superior Relaciones Públicas, SL
Tax ID Number: B43309459
Address: Calle Jaume Balmes 50, 07004, Palma de Mallorca
Tel: +34 971 228 108
Company Register: Registered in the Company Register of Palma de Mallorca,  Volume 2513, Folio 166, Sheet 70,522, 2nd Entry.


Activity: We are a professional training centre (University Degrees, Master’s Degrees, MBAs, HLTCs) in various fields, such as: Marketing, International Trade, Advertising and Communication, Law, Criminology and International Business, among others, in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.
Telephone: 900 101 483

2. Personal Data Processing:

For us it is important that the processing of personal data that may be generated through this website, forms, via email or by telephone is carried out correctly, with security, confidentiality and due privacy in accordance with the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, as well as with European Regulations on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

ESERP in compliance with the guidelines of Organic Law 3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, hereinafter LOPD-GDD, as well as European Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter the Regulation or GDPR, hereby informs you that, in any case, your data will be processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner.


ESERP always tries to comply with the aforementioned regulations, which is why we respect the freedoms and guarantees that correspond to you as the personal data subject. In this sense, you have the right to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection; portability; and restriction of processing of your personal data provided through web forms, email or by telephone, as well as any other right granted by the GDPR and the LOPD-GDD

Below is a summary table:

Basic Data Processing Data:
Data Controller: ESERP
Email for Information/Rights: [email protected]
Legal Basis for Processing: Consent of the data subject, satisfaction of ESERP’s legitimate interest in carrying out its commercial activity, compliance with a law, compliance or execution of a pre-contract or contract between the parties.
Category of Personal Data: ESERP processes contact, education, financial, voice, image and work data. That which is necessary to carry out our activity.
Transfer/Communication of Data: We do not communicate your data or sell it. In any case, we only communicate your data if there is a legal obligation to do so.
Data Retention: Your data will be kept for the entire duration of our commercial/business relationship. Once said relationship has ended, we will keep the information blocked for the period established by law in the event that we must prove legal liability, and according to the ESERP education manuals/statutes.
International Transfers: We do not carry out any international transfers of your data where it could be compromised. The platforms and software that we use as work tools are located within the European Union or in countries that comply with the necessary data protection guarantees or are certified in the Privacy Shield framework.
Rights of the Data Subjects: Information, access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction in the processing of your data, portability, and any other right granted by the GDPR and by the LOPD-GDD.

The user shall at all times be responsible for:

  • The truthfulness of the data provided;
  • Their legal capacity;
  • Being of legal age;
  • The accuracy and relevance of the information provided.

If the user registers on the general website, in the store section or in the virtual classroom, they must follow the guidelines that are included in each section and, in general, the following:

  • They will act in accordance with the law and good customs and in good faith.
  • They will correctly safeguard the username and password that they create in any section of the website where they register.
  • They will ensure the confidentiality of their passwords.
  • They agree to notify ESERP as soon as possible of any incident with their username/password, such as its loss, suspected theft, etc.
  • They may not use or impersonate the identity of others.
  • Passwords must consist of at least 8 alphanumeric characters with one capital letter.
  • They must update passwords at least once a year.

ESERP, as the Data Controller, assumes the responsibility of adopting the necessary technical and organisational security measures, taking into account the risk and category of data we process. Such measures are: antivirus, firewall, encryption and SSL, among others, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information according to the GPDR and the LOPD-GDD.

Likewise, please be advised that our events and conferences may be recorded and posted on our website and on our official social networks.

As well as the podcast (Podium) and our blog with very interesting topics that you can listen to and read through the website and share on some of the social networks that are enabled for doing so. Should you subscribe to the podcast platform, we recommend reviewing and reading its privacy policies.

For more details, click on the Privacy Policy  link at the bottom of each web page.

3. Intellectual Property

The domain names:

www.eserp.com, https://en.eserp.com/, https://es.eserp.com/, https://store.eserp.com/ are the property of ESERP, on the other hand, the brand, logo, images and content in its entirety that is found on the website are the property of ESERP, with the exception of the content and images that are specified as being owned by third parties.

In this sense, the design, structure, layout, texts, applications, content, logos, buttons, images, drawings, instructions, as well as all Intellectual and Industrial Property rights and any other distinctive sign, belong to ESERP or, as the case may be, to the persons or companies that may appear as the authors or holders of the rights and who have authorised their use.

The user understands that any total or partial reproduction or exploitation, by any means, of the contents of this website for any purpose other than obtaining legitimate information or contracting the services offered is forbidden.

In that sense, you may not copy, reproduce, compile, decompile, dismantle, distribute, publish, show, execute, modify, dump, perform derivative works, transmit or exploit any parts of the service, except for the downloading of the service material and/or the making of a personal copy for non-commercial purposes, as long as you acknowledge all the intellectual and industrial property rights.

The distinctive sign of ESERP, along with the brand, logo and any word or graphic representation thereof may not be used unless previously requested in writing, specifying the purpose of said use. The data subject must wait for the written approval of ESERP to be able to use the distinctive sign.

The creation of social media accounts using the name of the entity or using the brand name is forbidden. In any case, written authorisation from ESERP is required.

The modification of the website’s content and material and its services without the prior written authorisation of the owner represents a violation of the legitimate rights of third parties or of ESERP.

On the website there are some very interesting articles and podcasts. All rights are reserved to their respective owners. They may be shared through the social networks that are enabled and, in some cases, they can be downloaded.

In the case of the podcast platform (Podium), it is possible to subscribe. In that case, we recommend reviewing the policies of said platform.

If reusing the information, the user must comply with these conditions:

  • Do not distort the meaning of the information.
  • Always cite the source of the information.
  • Mention the date on which the information was last updated.

As we have specified in previous paragraphs, you must contact ESERP and always cite the author or the owner of the rights.

In the event that licenses are applied to some of the content, such as “Creative Commons” licenses, reuse is allowed under the conditions that are established, and it must be properly indicated.

ESERP must give its prior and express consent to authorise third parties to link to this website.

4. Liabilities

In accordance with the GDPR, LOPD-GDD and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce and its amendments (LSSICE), the Spanish Trademark Law (LM) and the current Spanish Intellectual Property Law (LPI), the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users (LGDCU), and the Law on General Contracting Conditions (LCGC), ESERP and the user are responsible for and undertake to respect and comply with the aforementioned laws and those that may correspond according to the activity carried out by ESERP.

ESERP is not responsible for damages that may occur due to force majeure, such as: errors in power lines, defects in the users’ hardware and software or failures in the internet network. There is no guarantee that the website will work consistently, reliably and correctly, without delays or interruptions.

The user undertakes to use our website in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy, General Conditions of Use, Store Conditions and Cookies Policy. The user agrees not to use our website in a manner contrary to the provisions of current applicable legislation or in bad faith, in addition to agreeing to use the website in compliance with public order and good customs.

ESERP will collaborate with the judicial authorities and administrative authorities, such as the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or another that has jurisdiction, if the case arises, in order to stop illegal acts or those contrary to good faith against the company or any third party, and to identify users who act contrary to the legal norm and to our Privacy Policy, the Store’s Conditions of Use, Cookies Policy and General Conditions of Use of the Website.

5. Updates and Modifications to the Website

ESERP reserves the right to modify its General Conditions of Use of the Website, its Privacy Policy, the Store’s Conditions of Use and the Cookies Policy with the aim of adapting them to possible legislative changes, as well as those that may arise from existing standard codes on the subject or due to strategic reasons.

6. Browsing with Cookies

The website uses cookies, both first- and third-party. The user has the option to select the cookies that they accept or prevent cookies from being generated and can modify their choices by selecting the corresponding option in their browser settings. For more information, refer to the Cookies Privacy.

7. ESERP Store

Through the Store we sell merchandising from our educational centre, such as: windbreakers, glass bottles, t-shirts, backpacks, USB charging cable, cloth bag, etc. The following applies:

    • The use and/or acquisition of any of our products implies the acceptance of these general and particular condition.
    • The products that we offer here in our Store appear with an image, explaining their characteristics, along with their final price with VAT included.
    • In the Store area you can also register. Registering will facilitate the entire process, allowing you to see the status of your order, see your order history, etc. Remember that you must comply with the requirements stipulated in point 2 on data processing in terms of passwords.
    • The selected products will go into the shopping cart. Once you have finished shopping, the rest is very intuitive. A form is displayed where you enter your information and billing details if you wish.
    • When you proceed to pay, the payment platform is secure and we use the La Caixa Comercia Global Payments online platform.
    • The ESERP Store customer service department, within 24 hours of making the purchase, will send you an email as proof of purchase, this being your purchase receipt.
    • The user can request an invoice by sending an email to [email protected].
    • The product will be delivered to the campus where the user is studying. Or to another of our locations, as indicated by the user. It may also be sent to the address indicated by the user by Spain’s official postal service, with the user paying the cost of postage.
    • In the event of any repeat incidents of non-payment or debit balances, ESERP Store may cancel the user’s access to their account.
    • The user may send an email to [email protected] to inform ESERP STORE of their decision to exercise their right of withdrawal, specifying “Exercise of Right of Withdrawal” in the subject.
    • The user has a period of 14 days to withdraw from their purchase and return the purchased product, without incurring any penalty or having to justify their reasons.
    • The Store can suggest an exchange or substitution of merchandise, as appropriate.


8. Security

In order to guarantee the security of our users, facilities and assets, ESERP does everything necessary to guarantee said physical security. In addition, it uses the necessary techniques and technology to ensure greater security at the digital level.

Regarding the confidentiality and processing of personal data, this website meets the necessary security measures according to the aforementioned GDPR and LOPD-GDD.

When the user, data subject or student accesses one of our facilities in person, ESERP has physical security measures such as the installation of a security alarm, as well as video surveillance cameras (CCTV), which help us to supervise a variety of environments and activities. We have restricted who has access to view them. In this case, all campuses have the corresponding legal notices according to the recommendations of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

The website has the following security tools at a technical level: firewall, antivirus, 128-bit encryption, SSL certificate.

Nevertheless, please be aware that there is no such thing as absolute security on the internet.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In general, the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data, Organic Law 3/2008 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, and Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce and its amendments, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 approving the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, as well as any other applicable regulations, as appropriate.

As for the jurisdiction, you expressly submit to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction, specifically to the Spanish Data Protection Agency  and/or the Spanish courts.

On the other hand, consumers have the option of resorting to the EU online dispute resolution platform in the event of a dispute over the purchase of an ESERP product through our Store.

Users of this website acknowledge that they understand the terms of use herein and accept them voluntarily.