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Building from the human side

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A good working environment increases productivity by 31%.

And by 37% in sales. This is reflected in research by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and the University of Warwick. Humanising work, reconnecting with it and avoiding burnout are the great emotional challenges. The first step to achieve them: putting people at the centre.



A key area to boost sustainability

The role of companies is fundamental to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And the area of HR is leading this challenge. This is what PwC and the Key People Forum point out in a recent study.



Beyond attracting talent: the challenge of reconverting it

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 1 billion people will need to be retrained by 2030. This presents a major challenge for the HR department: to draw up new strategic lines of training. And to ensure the continuous reinvention of the company.

Why Human Resources at eserp?

Keynote Professors

Learn from those with experience. eserp's speakers have a solid track record that makes them benchmark professionals in the area of human resources.

Liquid Learning

An immersive training experience. Explore real business cases through the use of technologies and simulations, combining online and offline environments. Flexible training to develop your e-skills.

Soft Skills

Work smarter, emotional intelligence, time management. We incorporate some of the soft skills that the World Economic Forum considers essential in our programmes under the Skill stacking methodology.

Professional Development

What are your professional goals? Through mentoring and coaching sessions, we accompany and advise you to design your career plan or reorient it. Or even to start building your personal brand.

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