Applying ESERP’s principles and values, and with the goal of promoting a long-lasting relationship between all members of the ESERP Community, the ESERP ALUMNI platform creates training and employment opportunities with the aim of promoting the personal and professional development of our former students.




At ESERP, we do our best to facilitate and help you in your job search. To do so, we offer you a complete selection of employment and internship opportunities, as well as the annual eserp talent fair event that brings together more than 150 companies in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.

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ESERP publishes manuals, books and collections with different publishers such as McGraw Hill, Deusto, Planeta, Gestión 2000, Lexnova, Amat Editores, Editorial Furtwangen, Dielo, and Porto Editores, as well as articles in scientific journals.

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If you are already an entrepreneur, then take advantage of the opportunities that ESERP offers when it comes to attracting talent and make the most of our training for companies.

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ESERP has agreements with numerous prestigious companies, both national and international, offering various services to students and alumni through its annual Career Fair, which is held at its various campuses with the presence of many collaborating companies.



The ESERP University Foundation offers all of its students the opportunity to get an education, regardless of their financial situation, with a system of grants and scholarships, loans and financial consulting services.

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You can complete the steps for processing your diploma by filling in your personal details and specifying the degree to be obtained using the following forms.

Your personal data must be filled in exactly as it appears on your ID or passport.* (*The personal details that will appear on your diploma are the responsibility of the interested party, which is why any cost resulting from a subsequent change to this information is to be paid for by the applicant).

The period of time that elapses between when the students requests their diploma and when they actually pick it up varies greatly, since it is subject to certain procedures that do not depend exclusively on ESERP, meaning the issuance time may be delayed. To give you an idea, currently the average time for issuing and delivering a diploma, depending on each individual case and discipline, can range from between approximately six months to two years. Those who need to have proof of their studies prior to picking up their diploma can request a Certificate of Studies. We recommend calling the headquarters every 6 months to check up on the status of your diploma.

*The student is informed that their certificate or diploma can be held up for economic/administrative reasons. In this case, they should go to the Administration Department to be informed of the incident. 


As a result of different agreements and collaborations that ESERP has with companies, it offers its students different advantages, benefits, offers and discounts that they can make the most of.

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