Whistle Blower mailbox

The eserp Community prioritizes respect for our values.





eserp’s values are important to all of us.

They must prevail and be applicable in the actions and decision-making of the different groups that make up eserp.

It is the responsibility of students, participants, faculty, employees and all third parties who interact with us to base their conduct and actions on them.

The Ethics and Good Governance Mailbox is a channel only to communicate facts related to bad practices (as provided for in Law 3/2023) in eserp, as well as it is the channel enabled to make all communications and / or complaints related to CICA
(Eserp Whistle Blower Mailbox).

In case of suggestions the appropriate channel to send them is [email protected]


See regulations



At eserp we make available to the people in your community and to third parties, alternative internal communication channels that are part of the same internal information system.



The Ethical Mailbox is located on a platform contracted to an external provider, providing greater guarantees of security and confidentiality to the whistle- blowers.


This e-mail [email protected] is addressed to the person in charge of the Ethics Mailbox and will manage its content.


You can contact the independent expert at the following telephone number

+34 621 628 106
Mabel Cueto




Encourage honesty and transparency in all interactions, both inside and outside the classroom. Students should learn to make ethical decisions even when faced with difficult challenges.

Social responsibility
Teach students the importance of considering the social and environmental impact of business decisions. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be a key component of the curriculum.

Promote respect for diversity of perspectives, cultures and opinions. Students should learn to work effectively in multicultural environments and to value diversity as an asset.

Promote equity and fairness in all business transactions and business practices. Students should understand the importance of treating all stakeholders fairly and equitably.


Academic excellence
Encourage the pursuit of academic and professional excellence without sacrificing ethics. Students should learn to have high standards in their performance, while adhering to ethical principles.

Ethical leadership
To teach and model ethical leadership, emphasizing the importance of making decisions based on sound ethical values and principles.

Incorporate sustainability concepts into the curriculum, highlighting the importance of long-term sustainable business practices.

Continuous learning
Foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, where students are open to new ideas, methods and ethical perspectives.

Personal Responsibility
To teach students to take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions, and to recognize the ethical consequences of their choices.

Promote ethical collaboration among students, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve common goals without compromising ethical principles.





The Ethics Channel is the confidential channel that eserp makes available to its entire community (students, faculty, employees and third parties that interact with us) to:

  • Report potential breaches of the Ethics Mailbox Regulations, the regulations that develop it or the law.
  • The Ethics Mailbox is the preferred internal channel that eserp makes available to its community members and third parties to report potential incidents related to the Ethics Mailbox Regulations and the regulations that develop it or the law. This mailbox technically guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of communications.
  • The Ethics Mailbox complements and does not replace the usual communication channels of eserp with its employees, students, collaborators and other third parties with whom it maintains a work, academic, commercial or professional relationship. In this sense, these channels for the effective resolution of each case must be used as appropriate, prior to the Ethics Mailbox.

  • You can access through the APP directly, you can report securely, quickly, 24/7 and attach all the support you consider necessary to support what you report.
  • If you prefer, you can also make use of email or make a phone call directly to our external advisor of the Ethics Mailbox.

The Center for Information and Prevention of Harassment Cases, or CICA, and its Protocol seek to prevent and combat harassment in all of its manifestations, and to assist in maintaining compliance with existing laws.

It offers internal protocols that operate as a roadmap and guidance, in the event that these kinds of incidents take place.
Building a better society where we behave as responsible and knowledgeable citizens is its ultimate goal.