Our History


ESERP is a prestigious institution at the national and international level, created to serve society, officially authorized to provide university-level instruction, geared around different locations that provide: Official Spanish University degrees, Official British University degrees, Official and Applied Master’s degrees, with over thirty years of demonstrated experience.

ESERP has centres in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca that are affiliated, associated or connected, depending on the location, with the most prestigious, Universities and Business Schools at the national and international levels.

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At ESERP we like to surround ourselves with the best, therefore we have arrangements with the most noteworthy companies and academic centres. We also belong to multiple foundations and organisations, and we are subject to high-quality national and international auditing.


Academic Partners

ESERP maintains academic arrangements with different national and European centres, such as Central University of Catalonia (UVIC), King Juan Carlos University (URJC), Staffordshire University, the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico), the European Communication School…

Academic partners

Business Partnerships

ESERP has made agreements with multiple prestigious companies on the national and international levels, allowing us to offer diverse services to students and alumni via the annual celebration, at each centre, of an employment fair with the attendance of several collaborating businesses.


Solidarity projects

ESERP promotes volunteerism as a way for its employees and partners to participate in solidarity projects and social action.

Solidarity projects



Our Teaching Staff

ESERP works with highly-specialised teaching staff, characterised by their demonstrated professional experience in their fields, and who hold executive positions at the most important national and international companies.
This allows them to share what they know from a position of well-informed experience, with a focus on what is real and functional. Additionally, they are accustomed to teaching using the latest pedagogical methods.





ESERP publishes manuals, books, and collections through different publishing companies such as McGraw Hill, Deusto, Planeta, Gestión 2000, Lexnova, Amat Editores, Editorial Furtwangen, Dielo, Porto Editores, as well as articles in scientific journals.


Our Blog

Take a look at our blog, where we publish articles of interest pertaining to different sectors, advice when for looking for employment, as well as school news. Don’t miss out and stay up to date!