Master’s in Barcelona

A cosmopolitan character, at the forefront of technology

Why study a Master in Barcelona?




Cosmopolitan, Mediterranean, vibrant



One of the cosmopolitan cities par excellence. Its sunny days, Mediterranean lifestyle and vibrant pace make it a dream destination for many. We are not the only ones to say so: Barcelona is ranked sixth in the World Best Cities ranking.



The 22@ technology district



It is one of the first urban innovation districts, even baptized by some as the Silicon Valley of Barcelona! The 22@ District is a clear reflection of the city’s commitment to a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.



A benchmark entrepreneurial ecosystem



The city hosts annual events that are worldwide references, such as the Mobile World Congress or the Smart City Expo World Congress. And the largest companies, such as Facebook or Amazon, have headquarters located in the city.


Our Masters in Barcelona


Do you want to expand your skills beyond a Master’s degree?


We encourage you to discover our MBA programme in Barcelona. A complete 360-degree approach that allows you to acquire comprehensive competencies in leadership and business management, while learning from our experienced speakers. A solid foundation in areas such as finance, operations management or digital marketing, combined with personal decision-making skills and a constant growth mindset.