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Why study Master in Marketing?



If you are interested in training in Marketing and commercial trends, the Master in Marketing in Madrid is a good option. In addition, since the business world is very globalized, these studies are taught entirely in English.

Professional outings are very varied. From managerial positions in the marketing and commerce departments to company’s product manager. Study the Master in Marketing to develop your career in the commercial or sales management and be a consultant or advisor to different companies.



The professors of this MSc in Marketing are composed of entrepreneurs, executives and managers with extensive professional experience, as well as academic experts. Many of the ESERP professors hold executive positions and positions of responsibility in both start-ups and multinational corporations. They bring to the table their experience, perspectives and capabilities that are the result of their extensive experience in the business environment, which they apply to their lectures, thus helping to create an enriching and professional programme.

Degrees to be Obtained



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Master in Marketing

Degree issued by ESERP


International Accreditation

International certification of completion of ESERP studies, issued by the European Communication School (France -Belgium)


International Certificate*

Issued by the University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden  (Germany)


International Certificate*

Issued by the European Communication School (France – Belgium)


*Students who study and successfully complete the ESERP’s study plan, attend the international conferences and do a project on said conferences will obtain the International Certificates.

Admissions Process


Admissions Tests


Registration / Enrolment

Payment Methods

Price: €8,750*


First payment

The rest will be paid in 10 monthly instalments, financed directly by ESERP, without interest from October to July of €775

5% discount for early payment

* Fees for the issuing diplomas are not included.
* In the event the student pays for the entire programme at a price that is different from that indicated on the website (due to the application of scholarships or grants), the discount for early payment will be 5% of the final price to be paid.
* The 5% discount for early payment will also be applied to those students who, after paying the enrolment fee, decide to pay for the rest of the programme before it starts. In this case, the discount will applied to the remaining amount that is pending payment.
* Master’s Degree included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.



  • Marketing 4.0.
  • Customer base.
  • Salesforce: new approach.

  • Targeted audiences.
  • Landing Pages & Product Listing.
  • Market Research.
  • Pre-Launch; Launch; Post Launch.

  • Understanding Your Type of Customer & Device Behavior.
  • The use of voice search and visual content.
  • Conversational Keywords; SEO.
  • Image as input.

  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Multi-channel Marketing.
  • Pricing & Finance.
  • KPIs.

  • Digital Transformation and Business.
  • The role of AI.
  • Competitive and efficiency advantage of DG.

  • Building trust.
  • Tarketed audiences.
  • Media monitoring.

  • Collecting data and tranforming it into knowledge.
  • Marketing and sales a IOT.

  • Digital economy: analyzing data, managing data, and digital security and privacy.
  • Automated business, digital paltforms, customer insights, ecosystem.

  • Search optimisation.
  • Online advertising.
  • CRM.

  • Geolocation Marketing: benefits.
  • How to reach your audience.

  • Social and enviromental responsabilities.
  • Advantages and disadvantages to Ethical marketing.
  • Algorithms and companies.

  • Online/Ofline framework.
  • Unifying Online/Offline customers.

  • Marketing strategies to grow audiences.
  • Understanding your audience.

  • Corporate Branding and Personal Branding working together.
  • Employer Branding.


Deepen your learning experience, make connections between ideas and concepts and apply solutions to real challenges.


  • CEO’s Roadmap: Skills and growth.
  • Finance Freedom.
  • Working smarter.
  • Digital Skills.

  • Family Bussines: Change and management.
  • Capital Raise.
  • Start up footprint.
  • Principles Of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship In International Business.

  • E-comerce and demand.
  • Growth Hacking.
  • Amazon’s strategy.
  • Web development.


(*) Curriculum content, its programming and materials may be modified slightly due to changes in the planning of the Master’s program.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Master’s Degree.


After the programme, you will be part of ESERP ALUMNI: an active community with an international presence made up of more than thirty-five thousand former students.




May we help you?

Leave us your information and we will contact you to answer your questions

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