Project Management Office (PMO)

Project management is quickly becoming a key skill in today’s companies and will be even more critical in the future. An increasing number of companies are opting for a project-based management of those business improvement or development objectives of a certain complexity that a functional structure, focused on the day-to-day, cannot attend to. For this reason, the ESERP Business School has strategically chosen to complement the tutoring and monitoring of students’ final projects with specific modules that address the elements, methodologies, roles and key documentation of project management in an introductory manner.

The ESERP Business School has set up a Project Management Office (PMO), which is the department that defines, maintains and improves the standards of processes related to the management of students’ final projects.

Likewise, the PMO has expanded its scope of action to a specific type of projects that are currently extremely relevant and of great interest: real projects with real companies.

The PMO thus offers a specific conceptual and methodological framework to develop the projects proposed by these companies. The PMO provides all students with the methodological foundation, the tools and the appropriate environments to correctly assimilate the knowledge and skills that are required to develop and effectively present their final project as part of the Master’s Degree.

This methodology, based on business standards, has been customised by professionals and experienced project tutors for the Master’s and MBA programmes at the ESERP Business School, which are assigned in order to guarantee the defined standards and continuous progress.

Essentially, these projects requires effective teamwork that, focused on specific objectives and milestones, creates a specific result, product or service that is a success. To do so, students in the Master’s Degrees are divided into small work groups, since group work is a fundamental part of preparing future professionals to hold positions of responsibility.

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