Admission Requirements University Degrees in Madrid

To access the degree taught at eserp Madrid, you must complete the university pre-enrolment process within the corresponding deadlines through the Distrito Único de Madrid. Enrolment will be completed on the eserp campus, after having been assigned a place via the university pre-enrolment process.

Only A SINGLE APPLICATION must be submitted.

You can apply to gain admission to more than one university, since pre-enrolment is compatible between both public and private universities and between centres that are located inside or outside the autonomous community where you reside.

Find eserp by searching within URJC (we appear as an affiliated centre with a subtitle that says eserp).

  • Access and steps to follow:
    – Click on the following link:l Distrito Único de Madrid.
    – Register to get a password.
    – Fill in all required fields with your information.
    – Select an access route.
    – Studies you are applying for: fill in all the boxes you deem necessary in order of preference, if you choose eserp, we will appear, and you must select us as an option.
    – Confirm the pre-enrolment.
    – Save or print a copy of your pre-enrolment application or its confirmation if it has been validated.
    – In order to be admitted to eserp, in addition to filling in the application for admission via the web, before the end of the pre-enrolment period you must request a document that proves you have been admitted to said centre, which must be uploaded to the Distrito Único website, within the DOCUMENTATION section.
    – Send the copy of your application to eserp by email along with the rest of the required documents for enrolment.
  • To formalise your enrolment at eserp, you must submit the following documentation to the school’s academic secretary:
    – Enrolment application printed and filled out.
    – Copy of your ID Card/Passport.
    – Official document that certifies your access route (Vocational Training Certificate, “Selectividad” Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma).
    – 2 photographs.
    – Proof of having paid the enrolment fee.
    – Enrolment for elective courses or programmes established in association with national or foreign universities will be done and paid for separately.
  • Students who fulfil any of the following admissions requirements will be able to access the University Degree in Madrid:
    – Spanish University Entrance Exams (PAU or “Selectividad”).
    – Advanced Vocational Training (HLTC or Vocational Training Level II “FPII”) or equivalent.
    – University entrance exams for students who are 25+ years old.
    – University entrance exams for students who are 45+ years old.
    – Over 40 years old and with professional or work experience.
    – Students from foreign educational systems, with an International Baccalaureate Diploma or who have completed UNED entrance exams.
    – Three, four or five-year Official University Degree or equivalent.