Admission Requirements University Degrees in Madrid

Access to the official University Degrees will require the student to have a high school diploma or equivalent and to have passed the test referred to in Article 42 of Organic Law 6/2001, on Universities, amended by Law 4/2007, of April 12, without prejudice to other access mechanisms provided for by current legislation.

The number of places offered for new incoming students for the academic year are:

40 places.

Enrolment requirements:

  • Upper Secondary Education Certificate and Spanish University Entrance Exam (“Selectividad”)
  • International High School Diploma
  • Higher Level Training Cycle
  • 2nd Degree Vocational Training or COU (University Orientation Course) and Spanish University Entrance Exam (“Selectividad”)
  • Admission Exams for people over 25, 40 and 45 years old

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