Admission Requirements for Master’s Degrees in Madrid

One of the following requirements must be met and demonstrated with the documentation outlined below:

  • University Degree

Spanish or EU students:

Photocopy of the official university degree with the original stamp from the University of origin, or a notarised photocopy certifying the degree is original. In the event your degree is being processed, you can present an original certificate of completion of studies and academic transcript with your grades, both documents with the stamp and signature of the educational institution.

In the event the degree is issued in a language other than Spanish, a sworn translation into Spanish must be submitted that is duly signed by a notary.

Non-EU students:

Photocopy of the university degree that has previously been issued the Hague Apostille or the equivalent legal seal, in the event your country is not subscribed to the Hague Convention (you will be informed at the University where you studied).

  • 3 years of professional experience

Original certificate issued by the company and signed by the corresponding supervisor with a authenticated signature, stating the period in which the professional tasks were carried out and a brief description of your duties. You must present the original with the company’s seal.

Those with a university degree or who can prove they have 5 years of professional experience can access the URJC degree.

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