Raquel Crisóstomo


Raquel Crisostomo

PhD cum laude in Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University (2011) and PhD cum laude in Communication from the same university (2019). Lecturer lecturer accredited by the AQU; hired doctorate and accreditation as a private university lecturer by the ANECA.

She has been a professor at ESERP Business & Law School since 2015. Her research focuses since 2011 on various areas of communication and marketing from a humanistic cultural point of view. She is currently a member of the Observatory of Spanish Fiction and New Technologies (OFENT), the Ibero-American Observatory of Television Fiction (OBITEL), the European Higher Council of Doctors in the Social Sciences Section (2015); the scientific council of the international organization Communication and Media Research Center and the Observatory of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Responsibility of ESERP Business School. He is a regular contributor to various media.


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