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4 years · 240 ECTS


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University Degree in Law in Madrid student profile

PRICE  6,100 €

If you want to get to know the legal and professional environment that helps society to operate, the University Degree in Law from ESERP Madrid is for you.

During this programme, which lasts four years, you will learn the fundamental rules that determine how the relationships between people and public and private organisations are established, among other topics. Ultimately, you will gain the knowledge necessary to carry out any position in the legal sector.

During the fourth year, you will need to carry out an internship, where you can apply everything that you have learned and demonstrate what you are worth by working in the legal sector. ESERP has a number of agreements and a selection of job offers with dozens of possibilities, so you will have no problem finding one that inspires you.

If you’ve always dreamt of working as a Lawyer, whether in the public or private sector, as a notary, or even as a judge or prosecutor, the University Degree in Law in Madrid will fit you perfectly. Additionally, it is recognized by King Juan Carlos University, meaning that after four years you will have an official university degree.


University Degree in Law

Official University Degree issued by King Juan Carlos University

ESERP’s University Degree in Business Law

Private University Degree issued by ESERP


Achieving leadership through a global vision

The programme offers a comprehensive view of management for businesses, organisations, and their environment.

Resolving problems and practical case studies

Applying the methodology of case studies and simulations, each student participates in the conception, development, and resolution of real, up-to-date practical cases.

Balance between theory and practice

Focus on the practical elements of business, along with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required for a solid education.

Dynamic, personalised, and active instruction

The efficiency of ESERP curricula is possible thanks to the personalised attention and monitoring given to each student.

High degree of specialisation

The courses that form part of the University Degree in Law in Madrid are taught by professors that are experts in their fields, providing the student with a higher degree of specialisation.


The courses and activities that are part of the University Degree in Law work towards the following goals:

  • Interdisciplinary and comprehensive knowledge of the European and Spanish legal systems.
  • Understanding the distinct branches of law and the regulatory framework and jurisprudence governing relationships between individuals, organisations, and the State, as well as their correct application to different situations or conflicts.
  • Providing expertise on the dynamics of different legal professions, in order to understand the complex, dynamic, and inter-related nature of the world of Law, paying comprehensive attention to their distinct perspectives.
  • Awareness of fundamental rights, equality of opportunity, and the values of a democratic society.
  • Promoting international mobility.
  • Preparing for access to later specialised and post-graduate study.
  • Understanding and applying the regulatory framework governing national and international relations and public legal institutions.
  • Understanding and applying the regulatory framework of administrative and legal procedures.
  • Understanding and applying the general principles of the political economy and public finances.
  • Understanding the importance of Law as a regulatory system for social relationships.
  • Developing a critical awareness for analysis of the legal system.
  • Refining skills in public speaking and legal oratory.
  • The ability to draft legal writing, as well as reading and interpreting legal texts.
  • The ability to apply new information and communication technology in different areas.
  • The ability to select and manage legal information and documentation.
  • The ability to carry out analyses and diagnoses, provide support, and make legal decisions.
  • Undertaking technical representation in the administrative, procedural, and defence environments in court.
  • Understanding the dynamic and changing nature of national and international legal relationships.

 Career opportunities

The programme will give you the ability to develop your professional activities in different areas, where you will be able to work as:

  • Lawyer. Court representative.
  • Notary, registrar, and state lawyer
  • Staff at the Administration of Justice: Judge, prosecutor, paralegal
  • Staff at government agencies, high-level (state lawyer, tac, etc.)
  • Staff at government agencies, medium-level (central, regional, and local administrations)
  • Staff at international organisations (EU, NATO, UN, etc.)
  • At a private company
  • Non-profit associations and organisations

ESERP Career Opportunities


Subjects for the University Degree in Law

 Year 1

1Civil Law IFBR6
1Professional ethics, basic principles of law and justice (Constitutional Law I)FBC7.5
1History of LawFBR6
1Legal TheoryFBR6
1Roman LawOB6
2Basic computer lawFBC6
2Civil Law IIOB4.5
2Political economy and Public financesFBR6
2Procedural Law IOB4.5
2Constitutional Law IIOB7.5

Total credits required 60

Year 2

1Finance and Tax Law IFBR7.5
1Employment and Social Security Law IOB4.5
1Public International LawFBR6
1Civil Law IIIOB4.5
1Administrative Law IOB6
Full yearModern LanguageFBC6
2Employment and Social Security Law IIOB4.5
2Civil Law IVOB4.5
2Administrative Law IIOB4.5
2Legal History of European IntegrationFBC6
2Procedural Law IIOB6

Total credits required 60

Year 3

1Law in the European UnionOB4.5
1Criminal Law IOB4.5
1Commercial Law IOB4.5
1Private International LawOB7.5
1Civil Law VOB4.5
1Administrative Law IIIOB4.5
2Commercial Law IIOB6
2Criminal Law IIOB4.5
2Ecclesiastical State LawOB3
2Procedural Law IIIOB4.5
2Financial and Tax Law IIOB6
2Civil Law VIOB6

Total credits required 60

Year 4

1Criminal Law IIIOB6
1Commercial Law IIIOB4.5
1Philosophy of LawOB4.5
1Tort LawOB3
1Bankruptcy LawOB3
1Recognition of creditsOB6
Full yearInternshipOB24
Full yearFinal ProjectOB6

Total credits required 60

FBC: Formación Básica Común, credits may be valid for their equivalents in all degrees
FBR: Formación Básica de Rama, credits may be valid for their equivalents in all degrees
OB: Required
OP: Optional

*The content of the programme, the order of the modules, schedule and material may be altered due to changes in academic planning

Recognition of Credits

Credit Validty with FP (vocational training) modules

Studying two degrees with automatic application of credit validity

Studying two ESERP-UCJC degrees with ordinary credit validity


PRICE  6,100 €


Access to official Degree instruction requires a degree equivalent to the Spanish “Bachillerato” (High School, Baccalaureate, etc.), and having passed the test referred to in Article 42 of Organic Law 6/2001, of 12 April, without prejudice to other access mechanisms required by applicable legislation.

The amount of places available for new entrants for the academic year are:

40 places

Registration requirements:

  • 2nd year of Spanish “Bachillerato” and University entrance exams
  • BI (International Baccalaureate)
  • Higher Level Training Cycle (HLTC)
  • 2nd year of F.P. (Vocational training) or COU (secondary certification) and University entrance exams
  • Entrance exams for people older than 25, 40, or 45 years old


EU Students (European Union), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Romania, and foreigners holding a residence NIE *
Initial payment800€
Rest of the academic year: 10 monthly payments of 495€, from October to July4,950€
Annual academic fees:350€

* Price for the academic year. All other students, prices upon consultation.
* Special conditions for advance payment.
* Fees for diplomas and certificates are not included.

Our professors

The faculty at ESERP is made up of professionals with broad academic as well as work experience, able to bring their experience and knowledge into the classroom.

Pablo Antonio Moreno Professor at ESERP Business School, PhD in Economics and University De...
Francisco Javier Ribaya Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences from The University of Alcal...
Arturo Gómez Quijano Associate Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). PhD...
José Ramón Sánchez Galán PhD in Finance and PhD in Journalism both from the Complutense Unive...
César Jiménez Sanz Higher Degree in Criminology, PhD in Law and a Doctorate in Economic A...
Antonio Monzón Fueyo Practicing lawyer of the Madrid Bar Association (membership number 79,...
Flávia Gómes PhD in Communication Sciences from the URJC and Master in Communicatio...
Adolfo Sánchez Burón PhD in Psychology (1997), he has taught at several National and Intern...

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