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4 years · 240 ECTS


9:00 to 14:30, Monday to Friday

16:00 to 21:00, Monday to Friday

University Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations in Barcelona student profiles

PRICE  6,100 €

Over the four years of the Official University Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations in Barcelona, you’ll work through subjects like Journalistic writing, Creation of advertising content, or Commnications offices. But it does not stop there, as it is also a billingual programme, and some subjects are taught in English, such as Communication Structure, Advertising Art Direction or Public Relations Policies and Techniques.

Having a billingual education greatly increases your chances of finding employment. You’ll be able to work at advertising or marketing agencies, or at companies devoted to Event Planning, for example. And the best part is that you can do so anywhere in the world.

Students obtain an official university degree from the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia and an ESERP degree, in addition to having access to a Bachelor’s degree from Staffordshire University, in the United Kingdom.

If you have a passion for creativity in advertising, marketing strategies, event planning, and protocol, this programme is a great option for you. Additionally, there are two time slots available, morning or afternoon, allowing you to fit it in with your other daily activities. Why wait to learn more?


Degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Official University Degree issued by the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia


Diploma in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

ESERP’s Private University Degree

By receiving the ESERP’s University Degree and accrediting a B2 level of English or equivalent, you will be granted access to study at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom in order to receive a University Bachelor’s Degree (Hons):

Upon meeting the access requirements and having reached Level 6 during the additional year at Staffordshire University, and depending on the chosen Bachelor (Hons), you will receive one of the following degrees:

  • BA (HONS) In Business Management
  • BA (HONS) In Business with Marketing Management


Achieving leadership through a global vision

The programme offers a comprehensive view of management for businesses, organisations, and their environment.

Resolving problems and practical case studies

Applying the methodology of case studies and simulations, each student participates in the conception, development, and resolution of real, up-to-date practical cases.

Balance between theory and practice

Focus on the practical elements of business, along with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required for a solid education.

Dynamic, personalised, and active instruction

The efficiency of ESERP curricula is possible thanks to the personalised attention and monitoring given to each student.

High degree of specialisation

Courses at ESERP are taught by professors that are experts in their fields, providing the student with a higher degree of specialisation.


Courses at ESERP have the following objectives:

  • Providing students with the knowledge necessary to make decisions during the course of their work.
  • Reliability in identifying, analysing and solving problems.
  • Mastery of management skills.
  • An open-minded approach to the socio-economic and cultural landscape.
  • The ability to adapt to technological change and innovation.
  • Understanding the latest management techniques and most advanced technology on the market.
  • Teamwork and management of knowledge and talent.
  • Professional networking among faculty and national/international students.
  • Promoting participational diversity among all students.


  • Students can demonstrate their possession and understanding of knowledge in an area of study that, from a base of general secondary education, based on advanced textbooks, includes some aspects that involve knowledge of the latest developments in their field of study.
  • Students know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional manner, and possess skills that are normally demonstrated via forming and defending arguments as well as resolving problems within their field of study.
  • Students have the ability to collect and interpret relevant data (normally within their area of study), in order to make decisions based on reflection on relevant social, scientific, or ethical issues.
  • Students are able to transmit information, ideas, problems, and solutions to specialised or non-specialised audiences.
  • Students have developed the learning skills necessary to begin later studies with a high degree of autonomy.


  • To develop language skills and capacity for adequate and convincing expression in different situations requiring oral and written communication, in community languages and in English.
  • To approach learning as a continual process that evolves along with new situations and challenges, using innovative methods.
  • To work in a manner that respects human rights, gender equality, and cultural differences, and to integrate these values into one’s professional life.
  • To design and develop new ideas and projects that incorporate new concepts and innovative methods.
  • To discover new incentives and formulate new challenges that allow for adaptation to changes and obstacles in a positive and creative manner.
  • To demonstrate an ability to solve problems and evaluate the results of proposed solutions from the theoretical-practical frameworks of the Social Sciences.
  • To critically evaluate opinions, situations, and actions – including one’s own – in a work environment.
  • To utilise new information and communications tools as a method for expression and communication in different technological environments, using specific software.


  • Awareness of market opportunities and new trends in communications, through the use of appropriate methods of commercial and market research.
  • To design, plan, and manage corporate identities and the graphic and visual elements utilised in marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • To know and interpret the legal framework of communications and professional ethics as applied to marketing, advertising, and public relations.
  • To know how to use the fundamental tools of strategic marketing, in order to apply them to the field of advertising, public relations, national markets, and especially international markets.
  • To identify and recognise relevant changes to the historic evolution of business in general and especially advertising, marketing, market investigation, and public relations.
  • To listen, negotiate, persuade, and communicate efficiently (orally and in writing), using business tools such as the preparation and presentations of reports on concrete situations in the fields of advertising and public relations.
  • To identify norms and protocol in any national or international environment, and know how to apply them correctly for any event that may be organised.
  • To correctly detect and analyse the factors that influence the behaviour of international consumers from a marketing perspective, and to design strategic marketing plans based on an international focus for decision-making.

Career opportunities

These studies will give you the ability to develop your professional activity in different areas, where you will be able to work as:

  • Advertising Accounts Director.
  • Creative, Art and Copy Director.
  • Director of Integrated Communication.
  • Director of the International Marketing Strategic Planning Department.
  • Advertising Director.
  • Head of Public Relations.
  • Community Manager / Digital Marketing Director.
  • Director of Interactive Communication.
  • Marketing / International Marketing Management.
    • Product Manager.
    • Director of Global Market Research.
  • Director of Corporate Communication.
  • Consultant for Advertising and National and International Public Relations.
  • Director of National and International Sales.

eserp career opportunities



Subjects for the University Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations

 year 1

1Communication TheoryFB6
1Introduction to MarketingFB6
1History of advertising and public relationsFB6
1Psychology of CommunicationsFB6
1Methods and Forms of Persuasive CommunicationOB3
1Protocol and CeremonyOB3
2Communication StructureOB6
2Information and Communication TechnologyOB3
2Journalistic WritingOB3
2Sociology of CommunicationsFB6
2Advertising CreativityFB6
2Public Relations Policies and TechniquesFB6

Total credits required 60

year 2

1History of CommunicationsFB6
1Designing and EditingOB6
1Media Communications: Radio, Television and PressOB6
1Communication in OrganisationsOB6
1Ethics and Deontology of CommunicationOB3
1Public Relations Strategic PlanningOB3
2Advertising DesignOB6
2Communications LawFB6
2Public OpinionOB6
2Economics for CommunicationsFB6
2Commercial TechniquesOB3
2Specialised Public RelationsOB3

Total credits required 60

year 3

1Communications Companies and Business ModelsOB6
1Optional SubjectOP6
1Advertising Art ManagementOB3
1Optional SubjectOP6
1Principles and Strategies of Advertising and Public RelationsOB6
1Communications OfficesOB3
2Optional SubjectOP3
2Company InternshipPE6
2Account ManagementOB6
2Optional SubjectOP6
2Optional SubjectOP6
2Optional SubjectOP3

Total credits required 60

year 4

1Marketing research and informationOB6
1Integrated marketing communicationsOB6
1Brand managementOB6
1Strategic marketing management IOB6
2International marketingOB6
2Strategic marketing management IIOB6
2Research ProjectOB6
2Marketing and e-CommerceOB6
2Final ProjectTFG12

Total credits required: 60

Optional Credits

Communication in Digital MediaOP6
Media and Advertising Material Research and PlanningOP6
Corporate and Institutional CommunicationOP3
Advanced Advertising CreativityOP6
Advertising and Digital Multimedia MarketingOP6
Audience Research. The Reception ProcessOP3
Corporate and Institutional Public RelationsOP6
Public Relations in International MarketsOP6
Writing in Public RelationsOP3


TFG: Final Project
FB: Basic courses
PE: Internships
OB: Mandatory
OP: Optional

Validation via hltc


PRICE  6,100 €


Registration for the Degree begins on the 1st of March of 2017.

The number of places available is limited, and entrance requires a personal interview with the admissions department.

Registration for elective courses or programmes established in association with national or foreign universities will be carried out and paid for separately.

Registration requirements:
Registration for University Degree programmes can be carried out directly at ESERP, by students who fulfil one or more of the following requirements:

  • University Entrance Exams (PAU or Selectividad)
  • Advanced Vocational Training (HLTC or FPII) or equivalent
  • University entrance exams for students 25+
  • University entrance exams for students 45+
  • Older than 40 and with professional or work experience
  • Students from the education systems of other countries.
  • In possession of a three, four, or five-year Official University Degree or equivalent

Students who fulfil one or more of the requirements must certify their level of English as being equivalent or higher than a B1 in the European Common Language Framework, or pass a level test at ESERP.

The B1 English level test will take place at ESERP on 19 July, 21 September, or 10 October. More information on the level test.


Students from the EU (European Union) in possession of a NIE
Initial payment1,000€
Rest of the academic year: up to 10 monthly payments of 510€, October to July5,100€


Students from countries not belonging to the EU (European Union)
Initial payment1,500€
Rest of the academic year: up to 10 monthly payments of 460€, October to July4,600€

* Price per academic year
* Special conditions for prompt payment
* Fees for diplomas and certificates are not included.

Our professors

The faculty at ESERP is made up of professionals with broad academic as well as work experience, able to bring their experience and knowledge into the classroom.

Some of the professors teaching courses for this University Degree are listed below.

Raquel Crisóstomo Raquel Crisóstomo Gálvez has a PhD in Humanities (UPF, 2011) and is ...
Jordi Castells Cuscullola Jordi Castells is a Telecommunications Engineer and has a University D...
Roser Parejo Ocampos She has a University Degree in Psychology specialising in Organisation...
Àlex Vallejo Blanxart He has a PhD in Internet Technologies, is a Senior Engineer in Electro...
Jose Manuel Ariza Moreno He holds a University Degree in Journalism, a Master’s Degree in...
Beatriz Gómez She has a PhD in Communication and Journalism and has a University Deg...
Sergio Villanueva He has a PhD in Communication and Information and has a University Deg...
Marta Moles She has a University Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, a Dip...
Irene Da Rocha She has a PhD in Public Communication, as well as a University Degree ...
Mertxe Canal She has University Degree in Humanities and Communication, a Master of...
Antonio Caballero He has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, a Universit...
José Luis Bustelo José Luis Bustelo has a University Degree in Business Sciences (UB) a...
Luciano Muriel Luciano Muriel has a PhD Cum Laude in Communication Sciences. Universi...
Alexis Rodríguez Rata Professor Dr Alexis Rodríguez-Rata has a Doctor in Law and Political...
Pilar Curòs PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Girona. U...
Rafael Oliver Cuello Profesor Dr Rafael Oliver holds a University Degree in Law and PhD in...
Ramsés Gallego Ramsés Gallego Díaza has a University Degree in Business Administrat...
Dolores Resano Dolores has a University Degree in English Philology, a Master’s...
Carles Grau With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences and a PhD from ...
Alfredo Duarte Alfredo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Public Relatio...
Tom Morgenstern Tom holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s...

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