Master’s in Madrid

A vibrant city with a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem

Why study a Master in Madrid?





Vibrant, extroverted, cosmopolitan.



Its clear skies, its extroverted character, its vibrant rhythm… Madrid is one of the best cities in the world. We don’t say so, the World Best Cities ranks it 8th in its ranking!



Madrid, among the 5 most important European startup ecosystems.



Along with Paris, Berlin, London and Dublin, Madrid has one of the most important entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe. The investment received by startups in the city in 2021 stands at €1.7 billion.



The city attracts 69.8% of foreign investment.



This is indicated by the Foreign Investment Register (RIE). During the first half of 2022, Madrid has managed to attract 10,927 million in investment. 69.8% of the total in Spain.


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