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Why Human Resources at eserp?

Expert Professors

Our professors are expert professionals and people of reference in the luxury world, who will teach you all about the new trends in the luxury sector and how to offer them.

International Projection

Training at an internationally recognised business school with a community of alumni from more than 100 countries will give your career international recognition and projection, broadening your horizons to foreign companies, and the opportunity to discover new perspectives, values and cultural richness.

Practical Methodology

Practical and real methodology in which you learn through real cases and situations that will prepare you to correctly carry out your functions and decisions in the day-to-day running of the company.

Eserp Talent

When studying our Master's Degree in Management, you will have access to the Eserp Job Portal, our employment platform where you can find numerous and exclusive offers specific to Management for students and alumni.

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Advantages of studying a Master in Human Resources

Liaison between staff and company

Liaison between staff and company

You will become the link between the team and the company, being in permanent contact with people.

Proceso de selección de personal

Proceso de selección de personal

You will acquire mastery of the personnel selection process and will learn techniques and tools for effective talent selection and detection.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

You will increase your professional opportunities and the possibility of accessing an area with projection.

New tendencies in Human Resources

New tendencies in Human Resources

You will gain access to the most up-to-date knowledge and new trends in the Human Resources and Talent Management sector.

What you will learn in the Master’s in Human Resources

  • You will acquire the management skills and competencies necessary to lead and promote the necessary changes within an organisation as a people manager.
  • You will obtain tools to detect, grow and retain the talent present in the organisation.

  • You will know and master the appropriate internal communication techniques to maintain internal cohesion and correctly transmit strategic objectives.