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Expert Faculty

The Faculty are great professionals and active role models in the business world, experts in the area they teach in. This allows your learning to be based on new business trends and thus prepares you for the reality of the business world.

Specific and Current Programmes

At ESERP, you have the option of studying one of our programmes, whose content is unique in that it is specific to each area and its content is updated to prepare you for the reality of the business world and new trends.

Practical Methodology

We use a practical and real methodology, in which you learn through real case studies and situations that will prepare you to correctly execute your duties, in addition to making the right decisions at all times.

ESERP Talent

By taking one of our Executive Education programmes, you will have access to the ESERP Job Portal, our employment platform where you can find lots of exclusive offers for Students and Alumni.

Advantages of studying an Executive Programme

Comprehensive Strategic Vision

Comprehensive Strategic Vision

It will help you develop critical thinking skills that you can then apply to make decisions in the future in the workplace.

Specific Tools

Specific Tools

You will acquire new knowledge and you will discover all the specific action and management tools from the different areas of the programmes.



The programmes allow you to generate a very broad and useful network of contacts for your professional life, since they are intended for professionals who have previous experience, in addition to being taught by expert professionals in their areas.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Your career opportunities will increase as well as your chances of being selected for important positions in each area of the programme.


companies recruit talent at
our Executive Career Fair.


graduate programmes.


professors from all different countries.

More than 30 years training professionals in Executive Programmes.

ESERP has the best professionals in each area of the programmes, either teaching the modules that make up each programme or through masterclasses, workshops, etc.


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ESERP is positioned as the 7th Best Business School in Financial Magazine’s ranking of 400 educational institutions.

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