Case Study Method

The Case Study method is a learning tool in which, through real situations, students develop their analysis and decision-making skills, thus consolidating the contents of the module. It also increases the dissonance between different alternatives and views of the problem, providing the student with potential solutions and facilitating divergent thinking.

In our Master & MBA Programmes, the functional areas of the company are studied through case studies, most of which work on real problems that can occur in any company. The cases are prepared individually and are worked on as a team, to then be discussed in class under the guidance of the teacher, with the need to back up the different arguments and assess possible actions.


The Case Study is carried out at the end of each module that makes up the Master’s or MBA Programme, in order to apply the tools seen in the module and develop students’ decision-making abilities.

The Case Study session takes place within an interactive discussion format, which requires active participation. By developing the Case Study, students work on their analytical capacity, providing critical thinking skills and a broader outlook on business realities, showing their complexity and learning to deal with the ambiguity of these cases.