Sonia Medina


Sonia Medina

She is Coordinator of the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Rey Juan Carlos University, but she has held others academic positions like deputy director of the Accounting Department at the European University of Madrid.   She has also worked as a junior auditor and as a management controller in the group. GAN, currently Groupama.

Her current research is focus on economic and social sustainability, even so she works in alliances and corporate governance also as a part of Strategic Management of the firm research field.

Her research activity also includes the evaluation of research work in national scientific journals. In management tasks, she is Degree Coordinator (Management Degree) since 2014 for the University Rey Juan Carlos, Member of the Organizing Committee (Coordinator of the Commission for Economic Management and Financing) of the XXVII ACEDE Conference (2017).

She also has professional experience as controller manager and junior auditor.

She has a degree in Economics and Management and a PhD in Business Management from University Rey Juan Carlos (2016).

Has participated in 3 R&D contracts too, and she is member of the High-performance research group Strategor in Corporate Strategy of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. She regularly presents her work at national and international conferences (CBIM, ACEDE, IFERA, IAM, AEDEM, etc.): to date 7 communications at national conferences and 13 in international ones, also assuming roles of chairperson in some of them. In terms of supervision tasks, she has directed more than 20-degree final projects, 2 collaboration scholarship for university studies from the Ministry of Education and Science and 1 Excellence Scholarship from the Community of Madrid.

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