José Ramón Sarmiento Guede



He currently teaches at ESERP Business School, the International University of La Rioja, the King Juan Carlos University, among others.

Previously, he worked for a year at the marketing agency Gestión de Mecenazgo, where he developed communication campaigns for Central Lechera Asturiana. He has also worked in the External Relations and Press Department of IFEMA for five years.



His training has focused on three areas: in tourism industries, where he obtained a degree in Tourism from the URJC; in Marketing, where he took the Masters in Marketing Management from ESIC and Commercial Management from the URJC; and in Economics, where he obtained a PhD in Business Economics (specialising in Marketing and Tourism).

In 2010 he began his research work on Relationship Marketing (focusing on virtual relationships in the market), Digital Marketing, Social Media, Tourism Marketing and Online Communication.

In addition to various research articles in scientific journals, in 2015 he published his first book entitled Relationship Marketing: an approach to virtual relationships.

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