Bernat Tiffon Nonis


Bernat Tiffon Nonis

My intervention is based on 4 pillars:

1. Assistance and professional practice of Forensic Psychology in the Courts (Forensic Expert).
2. Academic-University teaching (University Professor).
3. Research (University and freelance writer).
4. Dissemination and dissemination of academic Forensic Psychology (Manager of academic-university events).

Author of 12 books: Coordination of several authors of 2 Manuals of Forensic Psychology, 1 graphic-visual Atlas of Forensic Psychology, Coordination of 4 Atlas of Forensic Psychometry, Coordination of 2 works of Jornadas-Simposiums, 2 works of forensic case stories, 1 novel and numerous national and international research articles.

20 years as a Forensic Psychologist -private- guarantee my experience in the field of Forensic and Criminal Psychology, assisting directly in criminal cases of wide radius and social and media impact:


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