Aina Gassó Moser


Professor Aina Gassó

I am a Swiss-Majorcan legal psychologist based in Barcelona, motivated and passionate about psychology and law in general. I started my training in psychology and later specialised in the legal field. I am also interested in cognitive neuroscience, which can help to understand the mechanisms underlying human psychological processes.

Currently, I work as a forensic psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology of Barcelona, collaborating as a lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate level at various universities, and I am a Doctor Cum Laude in Forensic Psychopathology and Cybervictimization by the UIC.

During my training I have learned the importance of teamwork, empathy, and managing relationships with others and I consider myself an ambitious person, very rigorous and effective when performing my professional tasks. My hobbies include research, languages, reading and travelling.


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