MBA in Luxury Marketing in Barcelona

WHERE Barcelona
LENGHT 9 months, 60 ECTS
START October

Monday to Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
*Scheduled activities from Monday to Friday in the afternoon

PRICE €14,100

Why study an MBA in Luxury Marketing?


Behind a good brand image there is always good marketing. When it comes to luxury products and services, this effort is even more relevant, so it is essential to have top professionals in their field. The MBA in Luxury Marketing in Madrid is a specialised programme, aimed at training professionals to develop their responsibilities in such a highly complex and competitive sector with highly differentiated products and services.

With this MBA, you will learn the characteristics and specifications of the main markets in the luxury sector, you will develop the skills and abilities that will allow you to identify and implement strategies, along with the planning skills that will allow you to define objectives and resources.

Degrees and Certificates


MBA – Master in Business Administration, concentration in Luxury Marketing

Degree issued by ESERP

MBA – Master in Business Administration, concentration in Luxury Business Marketing

Master’s Degree issued by the UVIC-UCC

MBA – Master in Business Administration

Issued by the European Communication School of France – Belgium



Our professors are composed of entrepreneurs, executives and managers with extensive professional experience, as well as academic experts. Many of the ESERP professors hold executive positions and positions of responsibility in both start-ups and multinational corporations. They bring to the table their experience, perspectives and capabilities that are the result of their extensive experience in the business environment, which they apply to their lectures, thus helping to create an enriching and professional programme.

Admissions Process


Admissions Tests


Registration / Enrolment

Payment Methods

Price: €14,100 


Students from the EU (European Union) in possession of a NIE

First payment


The rest will be paid in 12 consecutive monthly instalments

from October to September of €1,050


5% discount for early payment


Non-EU (European Union) students

First payment


The rest will be paid in 12 consecutive monthly instalments

from October to September of €966.66


5% discount for early payment


* Fees for issuing diplomas and certificates are not included.
* In the event the student pays for the entire programme at a price that is different from that indicated on the website (due to the application of scholarships or grants), the discount for early payment will be 5% of the final price to be paid.
* The 5% discount for early payment will also be applied to those students who, after paying the enrolment fee, decide to pay for the rest of the programme before it starts. In this case, the discount will applied to the remaining amount that is pending payment.
* Master’s Degree included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.


  • Financia statements. Profitability, a measure of business success.
  • Budget preparation, control and review.

  • Financial risk: solvency and liquidity.
  • Commercial risk: credit management.

  • Companies and corporations: legal framework.
  • Tax planning.

  • Nature and evolution of organisational thinking.
  • Organisational structure.

  • Business culture.
  • Selection and remuneration systems.

  • Leadership and management styles.
  • Mentoring & Empowerment.

  • Collective bargaining process and techniques. Unions.
  • Communication and conflict resolution.

  • Marketing strategy and styles.
  • Consumer analysis. Market positioning.
  • Structure and function of the sales network: planning and achieving objectives.

  • The brand. Meaning, concept and evolution.
  • Strategic and operational marketing plan. CRM.
  • Digital marketing concepts. Website optimisation.

  • Competitive mechanisms of international markets.
  • Analysis of international markets. Geopolitical risk.
  • Internationalisation process of a company.

  • Optimal order management.
  • Supply chain optimisation.

  • Quality and excellence – customer loyalty.
  • Quality analysis, measurement and control. Improvement plan.


  • Geographical distribution of luxury.
  • Factors that influence the growth of luxury.

  • Art – architecture. Jewellery and watchmaking
  • Perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Fashion and accessories.

  • Luxury marketing vs traditional marketing.
  • Successful marketing strategies in the luxury sector.
  • Analysis of national and international markets.
  • Optimisation of margins and pricing policies.

  • Analysis of the consumer habits of luxury consumers.
  • Coolhunting and new trends.
  • Attributes in luxury brands.
  • Strategies for attracting new customers in the luxury sector.

  • Alternatives to traditional distribution.
  • Creative retailing.

  • Website positioning.
  • Social networks in the luxury brand sector.
  • Sale of products and services in an online store. e-Commerce.

  • Merchandising strategies for the luxury sector.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of merchandising.
  • Visual merchandising techniques.

  • Brand value strategy and management in the luxury sector.
  • Brand architecture in the luxury sector.
  • The market value of the big luxury brands.

  • New and old communication. WOM (Word of Mouth).
  • CRM. One-to-one actions with the client.

  • The brand and its values.
  • The artisanal sector and its involvement in CSR.

  • Leadership and management styles.
  • Mentoring & Empowerment.



(*) Curriculum content, its programming, materials and schedules may be modified slightly due to changes in academic planning.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the MBA.


After the programme, you will be part of ESERP ALUMNI: an active community with an international presence made up of more than thirty-five thousand former students.


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