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Strategy and purpose: keys to economic return

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The strategy and purpose of the company are decisive elements

So says the World Economic Forum. To protect the benefits and value of stakeholders, the company must demonstrate its unique positive impact. Both on people and on the planet.



Soft skills: essential for navigating in uncertain contexts

Clear and consistent communication. Transparency and leadership that adapts to change. Empathy that builds employee trust. These are the 3 soft skills that are essential to chart the right course in uncertain times, according to Linkedin.



Leadership can influence employee engagement levels

By as much as 70%, for better or worse, as the World Economic Forum states. And the level of team engagement is critical to the success of any business. So the type of leadership put in place will be decisive.

Why study Management at eserp?

Keynote Professor

Learn from those who have the experience. eserp's speakers have a solid track record that makes them benchmark professionals in the management field.

Liquid Learning

An immersive training experience. Explore real business cases through the use of technologies and simulations, combining online and offline environments. Flexible training to develop your e-skills.

Soft Skills

Adaptation to change, leadership, strategic vision. We incorporate some of the soft skills that the World Economic Forum considers essential in our programmes under the Skill stacking methodology.

Professional Development

What are your professional goals? Through mentoring and coaching sessions, we accompany and advise you to design your career plan or reorient it. Or even to start building your personal brand.

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We invite you to explore our MBA programme. A 360-degree education that will help you develop comprehensive leadership and business management skills, learning from our expert speakers. A solid foundation of knowledge such as financial management, operations management or digital marketing, with personal skills focused on leadership capacity or the mindset for growth.