Online Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange

WHERE Online
LENGHT 9 months, 60 ECTS
START September 26

Blended learning option in Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca (see payment methods)

PRICE €3,550

Why study an Online Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange?


If you’re interested in learning about the area of business economics, then the Online Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange will provide you with the knowledge you need to become an expert in this field. You will be able to understand and participate in financial processes and in the overall management of companies, or those companies that specialise in economics in particular.

Thanks to this curriculum of this Master’s Degree, you’ll be able to analyse and evaluate the different financial statements, prepare budgets and manage different operations. In addition, you will become a specialist in different areas of banking and you’ll be able to analyse markets and investments. You will also learn about international taxation, which will open many doors for you in the globalised world in which we live.

Different methodologies are applied in this Master’s Degree, such as the Balanced Scorecard, Case Study and Simulation methods, which will allow you learn about and face day-to-day problems in companies. That way, when you enter the workforce, you’ll be able to easily overcome all kinds of adverse situations.

Find out more about the Online Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange, no strings attached, and become an expert in the different areas of management. The economy is constantly changing and there is a growing need for qualified people with strong interpretation and analytical skills. You too can be a part of this sector!

Degrees to be Obtained


Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange

Degree issued by ESERP

Master in Financial Management, Banking and Stock Exchange*

University Degree issued by the UVIC-UCC

Private Master’s Degree in Financial Management and Communication Strategy

Issued by the European Communication School of France – Belgium

International Certificate**

Issued by the University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden  (Germany)

International Certificate**

Issued by the European Communication School (France – Belgium)


*If you gain access to the programme through your professional experience, once you have successfully completed these studies, you will obtain a university specialisation certificate instead of the master’s degree.
**Students who study and successfully complete the ESERP study plan, attend the international conferences that are held according the annual academic calendar and receive a passing grade on the related projects, will receive the corresponding academic certificates issued by the associated Universities and Schools.



Case Study and Simulation Method

Combines theory with the analysis and discussion of business case studies.

 ITT-TM Methodology

 Intelligence Training Technology, based on three pillars: KNOW,  KNOW-HOW AND CAN DO.

 Business Balanced Scorecard

Activity-based cost management, activity process management, margin optimisation, financial management and marketing management.

Smart Educational Technology Method

To be able to effectively manage any business situation in the business field.


Our professors are composed of entrepreneurs, executives and managers with extensive professional experience, as well as academic experts. Many of the ESERP professors hold executive positions and positions of responsibility in both start-ups and multinational corporations. They bring to the table their experience, perspectives and capabilities that are the result of their extensive experience in the business environment, which they apply to their lectures, thus helping to create an enriching and professional programme.

Admissions Process


Admissions Tests


Registration / Enrolment

Payment Methods

Price: €3,550 


Price of Online Master

Paid in 10 months, financed by ESERP. Final price:

Fee for reserving your spot:€650

10 consecutive monthly instalments of €290


Discount for early payment


Price of Blended Learning Master

Paid in 10 months, financed by ESERP. Final price:

Fee for reserving your spot:€1,300

10 consecutive monthly instalments of €390


Discount for early payment


You can attend up to 60% of in-person classes as a listener, between October and June, with the study of the educational content and all evaluations taking place completely online. This option carries an extra cost for the degree, which you can check in the Admissions and Payment area. 

* Master’s Degree included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.
* Fees for issuing diplomas and certificates are not included.


  Financial analysis and diagnosis.

  • Accounting principles and financial reporting.
  • Financial statements: balance sheet and profit and loss account.
  • Statistical and dynamic analysis.
Budgetary preparation and control. Control and costs system.

  • Budget preparation, control and review.
  • Calculating costs. Breakeven.
  • Contribution margin.
Management accounting and information systems: proposals and decision making.

  • Information for analysis vs decision making.
  • Establishing policies: financial strategies.
  • Information and systems technology.
Internal control vs external control.

  • Design and effectiveness of controls.
  • COSO Internal Control Framework. Risk management.
  • External audit: principles and scope.
  • Audits and liability.
Risk Management.

  • Financial risk: solvency vs liquidity. Cash management & WCR.
  • Commercial risk: Setting and controlling credit allocation.
  • Business risk: Preparing the business risk map. Identification, assessment and prevention actions.
  • Audits and liability.


  Taxation: national and international framework.

  • Corporate taxation.
  • Corporate headquarters and taxation: tax obligations ( Non-Resident Entities. Branch office, subsidiary…).
  • Taxation vs place of taxable transactions.
Corporate structure: transformation and modification.

  • Concept and definition.
  • Valuation of shares.
  • Commercial and accounting framework.
Legal and commercial framework. Administrative responsibilities and senior managers.

  • Bankruptcy law.
  • Responsibility of senior management. Criminal delimitation.
  • Compliance with market requirements.


Corporate finance. Capital structure.

  • Long-term capital structure.
  • Capital cost calculation.
  • Unconventional sources of financing: startups, venture capital.
Analysis and evaluation of investments. Business valuation (NPV, IRR).

  • Valuation methods.
  • Cash flows. NPV, IRR.
Commercial banking, private banking and investment banking.

  • Concept of differential characteristics.
  • Basel Accords and impact on company financing.
  • Banking – Company Income Statement.
  • Banking negotiation.
Capital markets: fixed and variable income. Options market.

  • Financing in capital markets.
  • Foreign exchange market. Foreign Exchange Risk Management.
  • Stock Portfolio Management.
MT – Master’s Thesis.


(*) Curriculum content, its programming and materials may be modified slightly due to changes in academic planning.
(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Master’s Degree

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