Higher Level Training Cycle (HLTC) in International Business in Mallorca






2 years


8:30 to 14:20

PRICE 4,200 €

Are you ready to learn how to manoeuvre through international markets? The Higher Level Training Course in International Business in Mallorca will help you be prepared. The courses are taught in Spanish, but English will be present in a number of subjects during the two years of the programme, given that it is the most essential business language.

You will be educated on the international transport of goods and storage. You will also learn everything there is to know about business economics and financing, as well as the international product trade. Additionally, you will study international marketing, negotiation, and payment methods, knowledge that you’ll later be able to utilise at a work centre where your internship will take place.

The employment opportunities are very diverse. You will be able to work as a specialist in international business or in international business administration. You will also be able to carry out operations in foreign markets, or within the internal management of a company, work as a warehouse manager or take charge of logistics.

In only two years, you’ll be ready to enter the job market with confidence thanks to the Higher Level Training Cycle in International Business in Mallorca. You will also be able to obtain an official Advanced Technical Degree in International Business issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Universities from the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands.


Advanced Technical Degree in International Business

Official Degree issued by the Department of Education of the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Balearic Islands

Degree in International Business

Private degree issued by ESERP


One of the keys to achieving a successful professional career is the development of skills that allow you to apply your education to real-life scenarios. This is precisely one of the main objectives of the Higher Level Training Cycle. In order to equip students with these skills, an education at ESERP is based on:

  • Dynamic, applied, and up-to-date instruction, taught by professors with demonstrated experience and a noteworthy career in their fields.
  • Personalised attention and monitoring of students from the study coordinators.
  • Study and resolution of current practical case studies.
  • Balance between theory and practice.
  • Internships, at a business. For that purpose, the ESERP Career Opportunities Programme is in permanent contact with the people in charge of discovering and employing talent at businesses and has made and maintained a variety of collaborative agreements for practical training at work centres. This allows students studying Higher Level Training Cycles at ESERP to have access to professional projects that help launch their careers.


The student, after having completed the Higher Level Training Cycle (HLTC) in International Business in Mallorca, will possess the following skills:

  • Administrate and manage operations for importing, exporting and/or introduction and shipping of goods.
  • Find and generate information for market information systems.
  • Analyse international transport and logistics.
  • Communicate in English for the relationships and activities of international business.
  • Manage the international transport of goods.
  • Manage warehouse and storage logistics.
  • Administrate and manage international trade.
  • Manage international marketing and negotiation.
  • Create international and e-commerce projects.

Career opportunities

The HLTC in International Business is designed to prepare graduates for integration into the professional world, occupying positions with responsibility, such as:

  • Specialist in international business, the international operations of financial institutions and insurance companies.
  • Assistant, employee, or technical expert in the administration of international trade.
  • Specialist in international marketing or international e-commerce.
  • Specialist in international sales or assistant for international commercial operations.
  • Warehouse manager, specialist in inverse logistics or logistics coordinator.

eserp career opportunities

First year

International Transport of Goods (English)
Economic and Financial Management for Business
Logistics of Stock
Administrative Management of International Business
Occupational Training and Orientation

Second year

Market Information System
International Marketing
International Negotiation
International Financing
International Payment Methods (English)
International E-Commerce
International Business Project
Work Centre Training

PRICE  4,200 €


In order to register in the Programme, the student must provide accreditation for at least one of the following:

  • Bachillerato (secondary diploma) or equivalent.
  • Entrance Exams for Higher Level Training Cycles.
  • Advanced Technical or Specialist Degree.
  • University entrance exams for students older than 25.


First Year
Reservation of place 500€
The remaining amount will be paid in ten monthly payments of 370€, from September to July 3,700€

* The same payment method will be used the second year.
* Fees for diplomas and certificates are not included.

Our professors

The faculty at ESERP is made up of professionals with broad academic as well as work experience, able to bring their experience and knowledge into the classroom.

Some of the professors teaching courses for this Higher Level Training Cycle (HLTC) are listed below.

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