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2 months

Start date February 3rd, 2020


Monday and Wednesday. From 19:00h to 22:00h




Estadísticas Programa Executive Yield Revenue

PRICE €1,850

ESERP’s Executive Programmes last two months, and allow you to broaden your perspective on the reality of business. Furthermore, they have the goal of teaching new management methods and providing students with the tools to productively self-analyse.

During the study and practical elements of all of the modules that make up the programmes, the student will acquire a strong capacity for business organisation and management, and improve their ability to provide strategic and operational plans for Senior Management at a business. The student will become aware of a number of key, necessary factors for the efficient and correct identification and resolution of the incidents or problems that could affect an organisation or one of its divisions.

The Executive Programmes base their teaching methodology on a combination of theoretical explanation, fine-tuned to each module of the academic programme, and participative debate on real-life business situations. Students analyse these situations, applying the knowledge they’ve gained from professors with concrete professional experience in their fields.


Executive Program in Yield & Revenue Management

Issued by ESERP

International Accreditation*

Issued by the University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden (Germany)

International Accreditation*

Issued by the European Communication School (France – Belgium)

*Students who take and complete the Degree, having attended international conferences that may be offered depending on the annual academic calendar, and completing the included work, will obtain the following International Accreditations.


Practical exercises: activities oriented towards analysing and solving a concrete aspect of the topics discussed in the modules.

Case-Study: Used to study the functional areas of a business, the majority of which address real problems that can occur in any company.

Masterclass: Lectures given by professionals in the sector.


Revenue Management is a sales technique based on the analysis of the different variables that affect client purchase decision-making.

With a correct management of income through Yield and Revenue Management, we are able to maximise the hotel’s sales, and make them as profitable as possible through the most appropriate channels. Therefore, the main objective is to sell as much as possible in the best way possible, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and analysing different market variables on a daily basis.

The program allows you to get to know and manage all of the channels for hotel industry commercialisation and the corresponding technological tools, in addition to understand all of the main techniques for sales and distribution.


The programme will give you the ability to develop your professional activities in different areas, such as:

  • Marketing and sales departments
  • Department of yield and revenue
  • Analysis of the market and market variables
  • Manager for vacancies in the hospitality industry and pricing
  • Hotel reception, with a speciality in Revenue
  • Over-booking specialist
  • Tourism and hotel sector, transport, travel agencies, tour operators, hospitality, and other related businesses



Yield Strategies and Revenue Management

  • Obtaining the information necessary for analysis of demand
  • Making future demand predictions
  • Establishing a long-term pricing strategy
  • Understanding the characteristics of segmentation in order to adapt products
  • Online positioning and price strategy
Tools and Methodologies for Revenue Management 

  • Main tools. Management of demand. Determining price
  • What is over-booking and how does it occur?
  • System of reserves. Guaranteed reserve
  • “How to change data into information”
  • Applications and methodologies for data analysis
Pricing & forecast

  • Pricing as an organisational function
  • Micro-analysis of transactions
  • Segmentation of prices
  • Dynamic pricing
  • How to set sales objectives according to expected future demand
  • Time horizons
  • The analysis of deviations in sales predictions
Application of Revenue Management to the hospitality industry

  • The main objective of Revenue Management in the hospitality industry
  • Analysing the factors that influence strategy
  • Developing the ability to identify and apply Restaurant Revenue
  • Improving the customer experience and improving procedures
On-line reputation

  • Web 1.0. Web 2.0 and 3.0 as a tool for interacting with people on-line
  • The profile and objectives of a Social Media Manager
  • The growing importance of social networks for interaction with customers in order to listen to them, innovate with their help, and improve customer loyalty
  • The importance of e-commerce to modern business


(*) The content of the programme, schedule, or materials may be altered due to changes in academic planning.
(*) The order of the modules is for purposes of orientation in regards to the scheduling of the Executive Program.

PRICE €1,850


It is necessary to present an updated CV, in order for the Academic Commission to assess the suitability of your academic and/or professional profile for this programme.

This program is oriented towards any professional with the desire to increase their knowledge of the techniques and tools needed for better results from their business and/or sales or marketing department, making it unnecessary to possess any specific prior degree or experience from a concrete sector.


All students
Initial payment€1,000
The remaining amount will be paid in five monthly payments of €425€850
5% discount for prompt payment€1757
Program included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation

*Fees for diplomas and certificates are not included.


The faculty at ESERP is made up of professionals with broad academic as well as work experience, able to bring their experience and knowledge into the classroom.

Some of the professors teaching courses for this Executive Program are listed below.

Javier Subirats Change Manager in Revenue Management at Air Europa. He optimises reve...
Ana Zorita-Viota Professional experience: Co-Founder of the QUIOBIT restaurant chain. C...
Jaume Vidal Professionally: Since 2011: Global Director of Revenue Management &...
Henrik Gago Senior Revenue Analyst at Air Europa. Bachelor’s Degree in Mathe...
Francesc Paloma Deputy Director of Revenue Management at Air Europa. Bachelor’s ...
Oscar Riolobos Web Business Manager at Air Europa. He has advanced studies in electro...

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