Programme in Yield & Revenue Management in Mallorca

WHERE Mallorca
LENGHT 2 months
START February 1st, 2021

Monday and Wednesday from 19:00h to 21:45h
+ 4 simulator sessions

PRICE €1,850

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Why study this programme?


Revenue Management is a sales technique based on the analysis of the different variables that affect a customer’s purchase decision.

By properly managing revenue through Yield and Revenue Management, we are able to maximise sales and make them as profitable as possible using the most appropriate channel. Thus, the idea is to sell as much as possible in the best possible way while achieving customer satisfaction, analysing the different market variables on a daily basis.

This programme allows you to know and manage all hotel marketing channels, in addition to implementing technological tools and understanding the main sales and distribution techniques.

The Executive Programmes last two months, allowing you to broaden your perspective of the business reality being studied, while pursuing the goal of internalising new ways of leading and making thought-provoking reflections. The executive programmes base their pedagogical approach on a combination of theory, adequately adapted to each of the academic programme’s modules, along with the activate debate on real business situations that students must analyse.


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Programme in Yield & Revenue Management

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Price: €1,850


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The rest will be paid in 2 monthly instalments, financed directly by ESERP, without interest of €525

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* Programme included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.

  • Pricing as an organisational function.
  • Micro-analysis of transactions.
  • Segmentation of prices.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • How to set sales objectives according to expected future demand.
  • Time horizons.

  • Online Marketing objective and strategy.
  • Customer Journey.
  • SEM / SEO Social Networks.
  • Emailing.
  • Metasearch engines.
  • DSP + DMP programmatic.

  • Obtaining the information needed to analyse demand.
  • Making future demand predictions.
  • Understanding the characteristics of segmentation in order to adapt the hotel product.
  • Online positioning and price strategy.
  • Being geared towards revenue optimisation and customer service.

  • Main tools.
  • What is overbooking and how does it occur?
  • Consumption practices.
  • Reservation system. The guaranteed reservation.
  • Technical aspects of online reservations.
  • Revenue Management for groups.

  • The main objective of Revenue Management in the restaurant industry.
  • Analysing the factors that influence strategy.
  • Developing the ability to identify and apply Restaurant Revenue.
  • Improving customer experience and improving procedures.

At the end of the Programme, several sessions of Simulation of Highly Competitive Environments will be held. Through these sessions, all the knowledge seen during the Programme will be applied in a practical way, thus offering a higher degree of knowledge.


(*) The content of the programme, its scheduling and materials may be altered due to changes in academic planning.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Executive Programme.


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