Programme in Yield & Revenue Management in Madrid

WHERE Madrid
LENGHT 2 months
START November

Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm

PRICE €1,850

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Why study this Course on Yield & Revenue Management?


Revenue Management is a sales technique based on the analysis of the different variables that affect a customer’s purchase decision.

By correctly managing revenue through Yield & Revenue Management, we manage to maximise sales and make them as profitable as possible using the most appropriate channel. Therefore, the idea is to sell as much as possible in the best possible way with excellent customer satisfaction, analysing the different market variables on a daily basis.

The Executive Programme in Yield & Revenue Management allows you to discover and manage all the marketing channels and to implement technological tools, in addition to learning about the main sales and distribution techniques.

Career Opportunities


The studies in Yield & Revenue Management will give you the chance to develop your professional activity in areas such as:


  • Marketing and Sales Departments.
  • Yield & Revenue Department.
  • Market Analysis and its variables.
  • Manager of tourist accommodation capacity and pricing.

  • Hotel reception, specialising in Revenue.
  • Overbooking specialist.
  • Tourism sector, hotels, transport, travel agencies, tour operators, restaurants and other related businesses.



Degree to be Obtained


Executive Programme in Yield & Revenue Management

Degree issued by ESERP



Admissions Process


Admissions Tests



Payment Methods

Price: €1,850


First payment

The rest will be paid in 2 monthly instalments, financed directly by ESERP, without interest of €425

10% discount for early payment


* Programme included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.


  • Pricing as an organisational function.
  • Micro-analysis of transactions.
  • Price segmentation.
  • Dynamic prices.
  • Setting sales targets based on expected future demand.
  • Time horizons.
  • Case study.


  • Objective and strategy of online marketing.
  • Customer Journey.
  • SEM / SEO Social Networks.
  • Emailing.
  • Metasearch engines.
  • DSP + DM programmatic.
  • Case study.


  • Obtain the necessary information to analyse demand.
  • Make forecasts for future demand.
  • Know the characteristics of segmentation to adapt the hotel product.
  • Online positioning and pricing strategy.
  • Have a strong focus on revenue optimisation and customer service.
  • Case study.


  • Main tools.
  • What is overbooking and how is it generated?
  • Consumption practices.
  • Booking system. The guaranteed booking.
  • Technical aspects of bookings via the internet.
  • Revenue Management for groups.
  • Case study.


(*) The programme’s content, scheduling and materials may be modified slightly due to changes in academic planning.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Executive Programme.

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