Programme in Economic Criminal Law in Madrid

WHERE Madrid
LENGHT 4 months
START November

Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm

PRICE €3,700

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Why take a Specialisation Course in Economic Criminal Law?


With the entry into force of the latest reforms to the Criminal Code, a huge demand for knowledge has been generated in this area of law and it has had a strong impact on the business sector. So much so that, in recent years, people believe it is necessary to intensify the fight against corruption and other economic crimes such as fraud, money laundering or crimes against the Public Treasury.

This has led to a growing demand for specialists in this area of law, which attempts to protect the peaceful coexistence between individuals, politicians and companies.

The Programme in Economic Criminal Law educates you on both general issues related to economic crimes, as well as the study of other specific types of crime. Likewise, it provides you with comprehensive compliance training, which ranges from basic theoretical notions to the most advanced practical innovations in crime prevention models and the culture of corporate compliance.


Career Opportunities


The Specialisation Course in Criminal Economic Law will give you the chance to develop your professional activity in different areas, such as:


  • Compliance Officer.
  • Director of Control and Regulatory Compliance Departments.
  • Creator of Compliance Programmes.

  • Economic/legal/criminal advisor for companies.
  • Head of regulatory compliance in companies.



Degree to be Obtained


Executive Programme in Economic Criminal Law

Degree issued by ESERP



Admissions Process


Admissions Tests



Payment Methods

Price: €3,700


First payment

The rest will be paid in 4 monthly instalments, financed directly by ESERP, without interest of €675

10% discount for early payment



* Programme included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation.


  • Criminal liability of legal persons.
  • Compliance programmes.
  • Procedural Law for businesses and their defence.
  • Tax crime. Accounting offences.
  • Defrauding Social Security, subsidies and the European Union.
  • Crimes against worker’s rights.
  • Case study.


  • Investigation and evidence in economic crimes.
  • Real precautionary measures. Forfeiture and civil liability.
  • Corporate crimes
  • Receiving stolen goods and money laundering.
  • Case study.


  • Misappropriation, malfeasance and fraudulent schemes.
  • Scams.
  • Obstruction of justice, insolvencies and insolvency fraud.
  • Perversion of justice, bribery, influence peddling and embezzlement.
  • Fraud, negotiations and prohibited activities.
  • Financing of Political Parties.
  • Land use planning and urban planning.
  • Case study.


  • Criminal protection of the market and consumers. Corruption in business.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Case study.


(*) The programme’s content, scheduling and materials may be modified slightly due to changes in academic planning.

(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Executive Programme.

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