Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management in Madrid

WHERE Madrid
LENGHT 5 years
START September 2021

Morning session:
9:00h to 15:00h from Monday to Friday

Afternoon session:
15:00h to 21:00h from Monday to Friday

PRICE €7,038

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University School of Tourism, URJC Affiliated Centre

Why study a Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management?



By studying a Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management in Madrid, you will receive a highly competitive education in the field of business management along with the most complete legal training, allowing you to officially practice in both fields.

You will also acquire the necessary legal knowledge to create your own company or work as a senior executive, building a perfect resume to work for the most important companies and consulting firms.

You will learn the fundamental rules that determine how relationships between people and public/private organisations are established.

In short, you’ll acquire the necessary knowledge to be an excellent entrepreneur, manager or lawyer.

If you’re interested in the world of law and business, you have the ability to work in groups and you’re socially aware, then learn more about the Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management in Madrid, no strings attached.


Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management in Madrid Brochure

Advantages of studying the Double Degree in Law and Business Management and Administration at ESERP



Mutualidad Abogacía Scholarships

You can apply for one of the scholarships offered by Mutualidad de la Abogacía and the ESERP Business & Law School. ESERP students (Law Degree, Double Degree in Law and Business, Double Degree in Law and Criminology) can be the beneficiaries of the Cátedra Mutualidad scholarships granted by the SOCIAL WORK FOUNDATION OF SPANISH LAW.


Tirant Online and Tirant Analytics

ESERP students have access to an innovative reference tool that, thanks to the interrelation of all its content, guarantees maximum rigour when consulting it, providing a precise and practical solution for the issues raised during the course. It represents a new concept of searching for legal information in Big Data.

Access to Tirant Online offers you: doctrine, jurisprudence and legislation for your studies, diagrams, forms and TV training.

For the first time, Tirant Analytics presents the results of a jurisprudence search in a graphic way, allowing you to visualise paths or strategies that were previously unattainable through traditional search methods.



Achieving leadership through a global vision

These studies offer an integrated view of business management, legal sciences, the organisation and its environment.

Problem solving and real case studies

Applying the case study and simulation methods, each student participates in the planning, development and resolution of real and updated case studies.

Balance theory and practical work

Development of the practical aspects of a company and legal sciences, together with the theoretical and practical knowledge that together build a solid education.

Dynamic, personalised and active teaching

The efficiency of ESERP’s Study Plans is made possible thanks to the personalised attention and monitoring the student receives.

High degree of specialisation

Courses are taught by professors who are experts in their fields, providing the student with a higher degree of specialisation.

Hybrid Formation

The students will be able to train in person or connect online to the classrooms of the institution simultaneously with the same educational quality and dynamism.

Official University Degrees



University Degree in Law

Official University Degree issued by the URJC


University Degree in Business Administration and Management (BAM)

Official University Degree issued by the URJC


Private Advanced Degree in Business Management and Legal Advise

Private Advanced Degree issued by the ESERP University School of Tourism 


Admissions Process


Admissions Tests


Registration / Enrolment

Payment Methods

Price: €7,038


Students from the EU (European Union), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria and Romania, and for foreigners in possession of a resident NIE*

First payment

Rest of the Academic Year: 10 monthly payments, financed directly by ESERP, without interest from October to July of €568.80
Annual academic fees€400

5% discount for early payment


* Price for the first academic year. -69 ECTS-
* All other students, check prices.
* Cost per credit: 82.43€
* The 5% discount for early payment will also be applied to those students who, after paying the enrolment fee, decide to pay for the rest of the programme before it starts. In this case, the discount will applied to the remaining amount that is pending payment.


354 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)



Total Required Credits: 69


Modern Language.

Total Required Credits: 70.5


Total Required Credits: 72


Total Required Credits: 72


Total Required Credits: 70.5


BC:Basic Courses, they can be validated for their equivalents in all other university degrees.
CC:Core Courses, they can be validated for their equivalents in all other university degrees.


*The content of the programme, the order of the modules, their scheduling and materials may be altered due to changes in academic planning.



After the programme, you will be part of ESERP ALUMNI: an active community with an international presence made up of more than thirty-five thousand former students.


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